Tecno Phones Network Problems And Solution

Tecno Phones Network Problems And Solution

Tecno Phones Network Problems And Solution

In this post, I will try as much as I can to cover all the network-related issues Tecno phone users face. Some of these issues affect only internet connections. In other instances, it affects mobile network connection so that you can browse the internet but cannot make a call or send text messages. Whatever network issue you now have, be assured that a working solution is provided below in this post; Tecno Phones Network Problems And Solution

  • Why Do I Have Network Problem On My Tecno Android Phone?
  • I Can’t Make Calls With My Tecno Phone
  • I Can’t Browse With My Tecno Phone

Why Do I Have Network Problem On My Tecno Android Phone?

There are a few reasons behind this problem and are outlined below. They range from mobile service providers to phone settings. Let’s take a look at these reasons more closely.

  1. Mobile Service Providers: Refers to your Network providers such as Glo and MTN if you are in Nigeria. Usually, this is often the result when the network is crowded with too many users. Also, environmental factors such as rain may cause your phone network to fail, making you feel frustrated and unable to make calls or browse the internet.
  2. Phone settings: Call barring and SIM deactivation are part of your phone settings that enables you to control or restrict some of your contacts. With this setting, you can activate your already inserted SIM on the device so you can make calls, send text messages and browse with it or you can deactivate the SIM and be unable to perform these tasks.
  3. Over-use: Your Phone Needs breathing space otherwise it might malfunction. If the phone has been in use for the past few days and has not been powered off and rebooted, it might result in a temporary network problem among other annoying signs it will indicate.
  4. Hardware Failure: This is one of the most common causes of Network problems With Tecno phones. If something goes wrong with the Tecno Network in-built antenna, you will not receive a network of any sort.

Tecno Phones Network Problems And Solution

How To Fix Tecno Phones Network Problems

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, network work-related problems can affect calls, text messages, data connection, or all of them at a time. let us start with text messages

Cant Send Text Messages With My Tecno Phone

  1. Depending on the device you are using, restarting the phone might be all that you need to have the problem solved. works more for android.
  2. Also on Tecno android, locate the “Message” app in your phone’s settings. Force Stop the app, return to the main message app on the home screen, and try sending a text message.
  3. Check the message settings to ensure that every entry is correctly inserted.
  4.  Factory reset the phone.

Can’t Make Calls With My Tecno Phone

  1. Cancel every call divert and call forwarding in the call settings
  2. Also, ensure that the numbers you attempt calling are not in your blacklist.
  3. Factory reset the phone.

I Can’t Browse The Internet With My Tecno Phone

Usually, the Data network for browsing the internet is automatic for Tecno phones. For this reason, it is mostly beyond your control. Contact your network service providers for assistance. Your last option will be to factory reset the phone.