Use Of Alligator Pepper And Benefits

Use Of Alligator Pepper And Benefits

Use Of Alligator Pepper And Benefits

Have you seen an alligator pepper before? Do you know what it is used for? In this post, Much about the use of alligator pepper will be discussed. First of all, let us see what alligator pepper is in this post, Benefits Of Alligator Peper

What Is Alligator pepper?

Alligator pepper is a West African spice with peppery little seeds inside its pod. it is also called hepper pepper and mbongo spice. It is used ceremonially is some west African communities, scroll down this page to see how it is used ceremonially. In addition to this, it is highly medicinal for the treatment for some medical conditions that are handled locally.

Alligator pepper inside its pod

Alligator pepper inside its pod

Benefits Of Alligator Pepper

As indicated above, alligator pepper has both medical and ceremonial values. Let us consider them in detail.

Alligator Pepper Ceremonial Use

In many cultures across West Africa, Alligator pepper along with Kola Nut and Bitter kola are used to entertain visitors. In the absence of these, money can be used as a replacement. Usually, the householder, present these items in a wide plate and serves his guest from it.

Another ceremonial use of the alligator pepper can be observed from the way certain cultures perform a traditional marriage. The Urhobo and Isoko communities in Delta State Nigeria usually serves the Alligator Pepper along with the other items mentioned above to the groom and his people on the day the groom and his people visit the bride’s family for the marriage introduction and on the day of the traditional marriage. This is done to welcome and entertain the groom even before drinks are served, after which, the groom’s family reciprocates the procedure.

alligator Alligator pepper and Kola Nut

Serving Alligator pepper and Kola Nut In a Traditional Ceremony

The Eastern states in Nigeria also make use of the combination of Alligator Pepper and Native kola for traditional rites such as traditional marriages, prayers, child naming ceremonies, and burials.

According to a credible source, the Yoruba people of western Nigeria use Alligator pepper to welcome a newborn baby into the world by giving the baby a little test of chewed one. The origin of this practice is yet unknown.

Praying With Alligator Pepper

Praying with the alligator pepper is usually done mostly by the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria. Usually, it is used along with the native Kola (Uso Oji) in this practice. When praying with the alligator pepper, it is believed that the more peppery it is, the more likely the prayers will be answered.

Alligator Pepper Spiritual Use

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Health Benefits Of Alligator Pepper

There are many health benefits of alligator pepper, ranging from a common cold to a mild stage of Gonorrhea. It is also believed to be essential for weight loss, diabetes, cough, and Fibroid. Let’s talk about this one after the other.

Alligator Pepper For Weight Loss

According to one online report, Alligator pepper aids in the prevention of visceral fat accumulation in the body and results in the reduction of body fat. It claimed that 19 individuals were given daily (quantity not specified) dosage of alligator pepper in order to test its effectiveness against weight loss and the result was stunning. The daily intake is not limited to a specific gender or age. Male and females may reduce weight with the help of alligator pepper.

Benefits Of Alligator Peper

Benefits Of Alligator Peper


Alligator Pepper For Gonorrhea

It is used to reduce pain. A gonorrhea patient is required to chew its seed as much as he possibly can. There are two types of alligator pepper, the agric, and the native. The native is more peppery than the agric and it is best suitable for a patient with this medical condition.

Alligator Pepper And Its Anti-inflammatory Power

An extraction made from its active ingredient indicates that it can be used when there is an inflammation in any part of the body. Although this not confirmed in humans yet, a study suggests that it may be used for the treatment of inflammatory pains like kneel pains and back pains.

Alligator Pepper For Cold

Mixed with alcohol and  Ashanti pepper (Uziza seed), it can be drunk to make one feel warm. Actually, it increases the metabolic process in the body which in turn generates heat.

Alligator Pepper And Diabetes

According to research done in Nigeria. it was discovered that oil extract from alligator pepper have some anti-diabetic contents. It is still unsure which of the compounds found in the extract possess this value.