All MP3 Players And Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions

All MP3 Players And Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions

Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions

Do you have an MP3 player that has developed a common problem? This post might just be all you need to fix it. MP3 players, unlike other devices like mobile phones, have simple functions – Play sounds. Even with its simplicity, it can sometimes malfunction, or develop serious faults. On this page, we will consider most of these MP3 Player and Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions as much as we can.

NOTE: The phrease “Bluetooth speakers” and “MP3 Spekers” are used interchangeble here. In actualreality, the represent different  things.

Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions

Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions

MP3 Player Common problems

  1. MP3 Player not charging.
  2. Bluetooth Speaker won’t turn on
  3. Freezing problem
  4. Poor sound quality
  5. Volume too low
  6. Bluetooth Speaker Cutting out
  7. Why is yy MP3 speaker disconnecting from my phone

 My MP3 Player Won’t Charge

  1. Make sure the power source (wall socket) is working
  2. Confirm that there is a battery in the device
  3. Change the charger and charging cable.

Note that some MP3 players don’t have a charging indicator light. After charging the device for about 30 minutes, turn it on just to check if it is charged.

Also, check if the battery is in good condition. If the Bluetooth speaker charging indicator light goes on when a charger is plugged in. it is a good sign. But if the battery never gets charged, replacing the battery should fix it.

MP3 layer Won’t Turn On

Bluetooth speakers rarely develop this fault. But the solution is easy. It is somehow related to the charging provide. For example, your T&G Bluetooth won’t turn on, it could be that the battery is undercharged because the charging port is bad. Instead of focusing on the power key or the battery, it best to replace the charging port. Try these:

  • Make sure that the power key is working fine. If it appears broken, get a technician to help you.
  • If the battery is not in-built, try to make a battery replacement.
  • Followalltree steps in the above section.


Bluetooth Speaker Poor Sound Quality

Have you ever wondered why your Bluetooth MP3 speaker sound so bad? Or maybe you have asked yourselves “Why is my Bluetooth Speaker Volume So Low.” The bad news is that there is hardly anything you can do to improve the sound quality of any device. To get the most out of the quality of the sound of any MP3 player, it best to listen to audio at a reduced volume. Zealot Bluetooth speakers have a great sound quality and are comparatively loud enough when their volumes are raised to maximum. But to get the most out of the quality of their sound, the volume has to be reduced.

  • reduce device audio volume.

Bluetooth Speakers Problems And Solutions

Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair

Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair


Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair

Is your Bluetooth speaker charging port damaged and you are finding it hard to have it charged so you can make use of it? Obviously so. That is the one reason why you are here on this page right now. Fortunately, though, you will find a solution to this problem of how to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a broken charging port. I will try to keep this easy so that you and everyone reading this guide can apply it without feeling that the process is complicated – Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair.

  • How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker With A Broken Charging Port
  • MP3 Charging Ways And Repair Solution
  • Bluetooth Speaker Charging Jumper Solution
  • Bluetooth Speaker Charging Ways

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Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker With A Broken Charging Port

For the average users of Bluetooth speaker, the battery of the Bluetooth can be charged with a universal (desktop) charger. Some of the batteries are inbuilt for some Bluetooth speaker while others are attached to the speaker from the rear and can be removed. Wherever the battery is located, you need a star-mouth screwdriver to get it out in order to charge it manually. Before we get started take a look at this.

Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair

Charging the battery of a Bluetooth speaker manually.



  1. Unscrew the battery compartment cover. (If the battery is inbuilt, then you will have to open the device by removing all the screws)
  2. Remove batteries from the battery compartment.
  3. Make a charging connection Similar to the one in the picture above.
  4. Replace batteries after charge

Note: Use tape to hold wires with the battery terminals firmly.

Charging the batteries of a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge this way less convenient and time-consuming as universal chargers usually charge batteries slower than the average USB charger. A little more convenient way to have your Bluetooth speaker charged without consuming much of your time is by charging the battery with another same speaker that has a working charging port.


MP3 Charging Ways

This Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair guide is meant for only a repair technician. Do not try this is you have not received appropriate training on repairs. Let’s consider a similar picture like the one above. This time, a little modification has been done to it.

The principle of fixing a charging port on Bluetooth speakers is exactly the same as those of mobile phones, only that Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair is easier. Generally, If you are a technician and are able to replace a mobile phone charging port, then this should be easy for you. Please refer to the guide in the link below for further information.

Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution

The Improvised Method –  Bluetooth Speaker Charging Ways

For some odd reasons, you may decide not to fix the charging port or manually charge your Bluetooth speaker batteries with the simplified method specified above. In some of the charging ports we replaced, we found that the charging port pulls off the panel of the speaker a few days after the replacement. More on this is discussed in this post Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution.

Often though, the battery may not be as strong as it was when you purchased it. After spending a ridiculous amount of time manually charging the battery, it just might not last long before the battery runs low again. This really is a big inconvenience for a user.

For this reason, an improvised way of enjoying your Bluetooth speaker is buy connecting it with a power bank. A technician connects a cable from the battery positive and negative terminals in the panel and then plug it to a power bank that can then be charger separately from the Bluetooth speaker.

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices

Most people are talking about Zealot Bluetooth speakers and their amazing sound quality. It is not just about the product, the vibe and design actually got music lovers’ attention. Maybe you have listened to a song played through the zealot music player before and you probably wondered, what is Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices?

Its Is Not Just About The Design, Look Deeper, Feel The Vibes

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices
Zealot S7

ZEALOT S7 4 Units HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 10000mAh Touch Control TF Card Heavy Bass Speaker. As of the time of this writing this post, I consider this model as the no.1 for the Zealot Bluetooth speakers. This rating is based on the design, the touch key control, the battery capacity, and the flash/SD card functions.

Worth considering too is the heavy bass speaker sound. If you have been looking to purchase a Bluetooth speaker with great bass audio quality, you may not want to let the S7 pass you by. The T&G137 also got this fine feature in you are interested in T&G products.
Zealot S1

I like to call the Zealot S1 the bicycle companion. This time, t is not just the sounds that make it all amazing. It can be fixed into the handle of a bicycle so you can listen to really good music. It also has a torch as seen in the picture above so you can ride at night.

Sound quality is not as great as the S7 above, but you can still enjoy a fine classical sound when riding or at home. What is next?

Zealot S8 3D HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker With Touch Control & Powerbank Function. The price of the S8 is Just #7500 Only.

One reason why this model is unique is that it serves as a power bank for charging other devices. So, if you playing audio with your mobile phone and connects it with the S8 Through Bluetooth, you can charge the phone with the speaker if the phone is running low on battery.

Aside from battery capacity, it also comes with a case that one can suspend it with.

ZEALOT S23 Multifunctional Clock Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Built-in Microphone, Support Bluetooth Call. It comes with great color and design.

Zealot S27 Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker

ZEALOT S12 Bluetooth Speaker Tough Control Mini Wireless Speakers Home Theater

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

The Generic Audio wireless Bluetooth speakers maker T&G has made a great impact in making Bluetooth speakers. Believed to be a Chinese product, they have successfully designed varieties of speakers with distinct designs, sizes, and audio quality. What is more? T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

Frankly, these Bluetooth speakers have amazing qualities that make them appeal to users. For one thing, the audio quality is great. Listening to audio, either through FM mode, or music mode, the sound appears to be better than most other MP3 Bluetooth speakers of the same rank and price. If you ever wonder some of the standout features of the T&G Bluetooth speakers, check the list below.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Audio base like the home theater system
  • Good Batteries
  • Strong Charging port that doesn’t easily pulls off like most other speakers.
  • Provision for Aux input mode, FM mode, Sd card mode, and Flash drive music mode.

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

Below, are some Bluetooth speakers and their estimated prices. Notice that price varies from one location to another and there might be slight price variation in online shops too. But in conclusion, these speakers are affordable.


T&G 137 Price

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria
T&G 137 #8,000

Features Of The T&G Bluetooth Speakers

Audio quality is worth mentioning. T&G offers speakers with unbelievable bass and classical sounds. When playing an original song, the sound output can be so amazing especially with the T&G 137 shown above. The volume, when increased to the highest, is surprisingly high as well.

FM Radio Is just one more feature of T&G products that make them worth considering. When you are tired of listening to the same music you keep playing using the Bluetooth function, you can choose to listen to cool music, news, and programs using the FM mode. The good news is, channels are easily searched for and saved and no antenna is required to make channel searches. What else?

T&G 137 Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria.

T&G 168 #6000

Flashing Led Light. Limited to just the T&G 168, the led lights are amazing and thrilling flashes that are displayed at the top round transparent plastic part of the speaker. It has different led colors such as red and blue. Using the led along with the speaker weakens the battery faster.

Battery strength. It is common for mobile phone makers to brag about battery capacity for a newly designed phone and in the end turned to a different story. This is not so with the T&G wireless speakers. Their batteries are actually strong enough to play good music at a reasonably high volume for a very long time.


T&G 126 Price In Nigeria

T&G 126 #5,500

AUX input mode is another way of playing audio with the T&G speakers in case you don’t have a Bluetooth audio source. The audio quality still remains intact with this music mode. TVs, DVDs mobile phones and mini MP3 players can be connected to the T&G player with this mode.

Flash And SD card mode. In this mode, there are two options. Either you connect a flash drive containing your audio or you insert an SD card for the speaker to read its music and play them. Again audion quality still remains intact and volume still reasonably high enough.

T&G101 Speaker




T&G101 Speaker #3500

Affordability, Availability And Design. Known for its elegant design, the T&G101 has great sound quality, good battery capacity and super affordable. It is available in most online shops and markets across Nigeria.


T&G162 Bluetooth Speaker


T&G162 Bluetooth Speaker

T&G162 Speaker #2,000

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices

T&G126 Bluetooth Speaker

T&G126 Bluetooth Speaker

T&G126 Speaker #4000

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria as of now should range between #2,500 for the smaller speakers to #9500 For the bigger ones. See the image tags for each image above for a price- T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

How Much Is T&G Bluetooth Speakers In Nigeria

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

Looking to buy a wireless Bluetooth music player in Nigeria? In this post, I will mention the average cost of a modest Bluetooth player, the cost of some specific models, what to watch out for before making a purchase and then where to obtain it at a reasonable price – Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria.

Where to buy a bluetooth speaker in Nigeria

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What To Watch Out For

I know we are talking about the price of the device here and not how to buy it. However, it is important to know some features of this device in order not to buy one of less quality and latter regret it. So here we go.

  1. The battery. Make sure the battery is strong enough to sustain the player for more than a few hours. There is no need for purchasing one that has a battery that only last 1 or 2 hours at best.
  2. FM Radio. If the player supports FM radio, you will be sure to listen to cool music even when the Bluetooth connecting device (your phone) is down.
  3. SD Card Reader. It is best to acquire one that supports memory card. Not all Bluetooth players support this function.
  4. Sound Quality. Of all the things to watch out for, this is my favorite. I like it when a Bluetooth player has bass and plays smoothly.

With this knowledge in place, let’s get down to our main topic of the day, Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria.

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

With different sizes, designs, and quality, it is difficult to cap on the average cost of a Bluetooth player at a specific amount in Nigeria. In Range, it should be between #1500 – #7000. Usually, the bigger the size the better the sound quality and the cost.

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

Western wireless Bluetooth Speaker has reasonable sound quality, supports SD card and has a strong rechargeable inbuilt battery. Sold For #7000

T&G Music Player. It has supper amazing sound quality. With Much bass like that of a woofer. The battery is strong and the device is well designed. The cost is #8000

How Much Is MP3 Bluetooth Speaker In Nigeria

UBL The Loud One. Great audio sound with FM radio and SD Card support. The price at the local store is #3500.

Where To Buy Bluetooth Speakers In Nigeria

Jumia and Konga are major sellers that may even deliver the device at your doorstep. But the a little more expensive online. To make a fast and convenient purchase, walk into any electronic shop that sells these devices and make your negotiation.

Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution

Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution

MP3 players are great for music with interesting sounds. Because they use the same charging system like mobile phones, their charging system fails and needs replacement -How To Fix MP3 Player Charging Problem

How To Fix MP3 Player Charging Problem
Mp3 Bluetooth charging positive and negative connections.

Mp3 Player Not Charging

The image above indicates the negative charging way as GND (White wire) while and the positive as VCHRG (Red wire). Usually, when fixing the charging port, a USB cable is soldered directly from the mp3 circuit board, since the Charging ports in MP3 are not really strong and may pull off the circuit board even after replacement. See the picture below.

Mp3 Player Not Charging
USB cable in white connected directed into the circuit board.

Still not satisfied with the solution provided here? Comment your question below – How To Fix MP3 Player Charging Problem

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