Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions – Jumper Connections

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions – Jumper Connections

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions

In this page we will consider the common problems of the Itel p13 plus and how to fix them. Also we will provide all its connection jumper ways – Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions.

If you are a technician, please proceed to the end of this page to get a jumper conncetions for MIC, USB port, Powerkey, VOL key and Battery terminal.

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  1. common issues
  2. common solutions
  3. Jumper connection ways

Common Issues

Like most other android devices, itel p13 plus sometimes run into lots of minor issues such as battery draining unusually fast, running slow and even freezing. These and many other similar issues are minor because a user can easily fix them without seeking the help of a repairer outside the comfort of the home.

The reasons for these issues ranges from missuse of the device to manufacturing error, and in some cases, an error from the phone’s processor chipset. The thing is, these devices are not designed to last forever

Aside from the issues mentioned above, you might also experience excesive heating of the phone, applications closing suddenling while in use and charging problems. Now, let try to get a solution that will restore the phone to it normal working condition.

Common Solutions

Itel P13 Plus Battery draining too fast

There isn’t much solution to this issue. However, maintaining a good and balanced use of the device will prolong the battery life. Do not charge and use the phone at the same time. High end games and apps kills battries. Avoid using powerbank on the device and give it a breathing space. If the battery is in good condiction, practicing these suggestions will make it last longer. For battries that are already draining fast, a replacememnt might be needed if the suggestion here didnt work.

Did you know? Fake charging makes the battery apears fully charged when it is not. It is caused by chargers that are not strong a enough to charge the battery. A good charger might also help prolong battery life.


Itel P13 Plus Heating Up

Usually causes overuse of the device. In some cases, though, it could be that the device needs to be serviced. To be sure, always close your background apps, uninstall high end ganes and app and avoid charging the phone too often.


Itel P13 Plus Charging Problem

Fake charging, slow charging, charging error, connect and disconnect charging and heating up during charging can caused by unsuitable chargers. replace your charger and USB cable with a better one. Some time, too, it could be a sign that the charging port in the phone need replacement. After changing the charger contact a technician if the issue continues.


Itel P13 Plus Runs Slow And Sometime Freezes

It is a known fact that when the storage space of a device is almost filled up it runs slow and sometime freezes. Delete some media files such as musics, videos and irrelivant photos to free up space. Unistalling some apps and games will also help.

Did you know? The “Storage full” notification is related to the slow running of your device. By the time you see this notification, you phone is already running slow even if you haven’t notice.


Jumper connection ways

This section is intended for the technician only. Please do not proceed or attempt the following if you do not have this experiance.

All jumper connection ways here are correct and works well. we hope that this will help you fix your issue without complain.

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions

Itel P13 Plus all jumper connection solution

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