Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions – Jumper Connections

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions – Jumper Connections

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions

In this page we will consider the common problems of the Itel p13 plus and how to fix them. Also we will provide all its connection jumper ways – Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions.

If you are a technician, please proceed to the end of this page to get a jumper conncetions for MIC, USB port, Powerkey, VOL key and Battery terminal.

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  1. common issues
  2. common solutions
  3. Jumper connection ways

Common Issues

Like most other android devices, itel p13 plus sometimes run into lots of minor issues such as battery draining unusually fast, running slow and even freezing. These and many other similar issues are minor because a user can easily fix them without seeking the help of a repairer outside the comfort of the home.

The reasons for these issues ranges from missuse of the device to manufacturing error, and in some cases, an error from the phone’s processor chipset. The thing is, these devices are not designed to last forever

Aside from the issues mentioned above, you might also experience excesive heating of the phone, applications closing suddenling while in use and charging problems. Now, let try to get a solution that will restore the phone to it normal working condition.

Common Solutions

Itel P13 Plus Battery draining too fast

There isn’t much solution to this issue. However, maintaining a good and balanced use of the device will prolong the battery life. Do not charge and use the phone at the same time. High end games and apps kills battries. Avoid using powerbank on the device and give it a breathing space. If the battery is in good condiction, practicing these suggestions will make it last longer. For battries that are already draining fast, a replacememnt might be needed if the suggestion here didnt work.

Did you know? Fake charging makes the battery apears fully charged when it is not. It is caused by chargers that are not strong a enough to charge the battery. A good charger might also help prolong battery life.


Itel P13 Plus Heating Up

Usually causes overuse of the device. In some cases, though, it could be that the device needs to be serviced. To be sure, always close your background apps, uninstall high end ganes and app and avoid charging the phone too often.


Itel P13 Plus Charging Problem

Fake charging, slow charging, charging error, connect and disconnect charging and heating up during charging can caused by unsuitable chargers. replace your charger and USB cable with a better one. Some time, too, it could be a sign that the charging port in the phone need replacement. After changing the charger contact a technician if the issue continues.


Itel P13 Plus Runs Slow And Sometime Freezes

It is a known fact that when the storage space of a device is almost filled up it runs slow and sometime freezes. Delete some media files such as musics, videos and irrelivant photos to free up space. Unistalling some apps and games will also help.

Did you know? The “Storage full” notification is related to the slow running of your device. By the time you see this notification, you phone is already running slow even if you haven’t notice.


Jumper connection ways

This section is intended for the technician only. Please do not proceed or attempt the following if you do not have this experiance.

All jumper connection ways here are correct and works well. we hope that this will help you fix your issue without complain.

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions

Itel P13 Plus all jumper connection solution

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Free Java Games For Itel Phones Download

Free Java Games For Itel Phones Download

Free Java Games For Itel Phones Download

Looking to download Java games for your Itel java phone? Here are some handful of games you can download today and enjoy all day. Here is a little good news for you. It’s both free and easy to download. To see the device requirement for the download, scroll down the page, Free Java Games For Itel Phones Download

Here is another good news. You will not only be downloading games from this page, but you will also find useful apps on this page. opera mini browser, UC browser, and 2Go are just few of them. You do not need much storage space or much browsing data to download these apps.

Whatever Itel Java phone you now use, be sure that you can download and install these games and apps for fun. From Itel it6910 to Itel it5190, you can be sure to get the game and app you are searching for.

Free Java Games For Itel Phones Download

Java App Download Device Requirement

  1. Sufficient data
  2. Sufficient storage space
  3. Well charged battery (downloading may take some time as Java phones browsing network are usually slow)

How To Download Java Games On Itel Phones

Click on the link of the game or app you want to download. This should take you to the download page. Download the file from the download page and install it on your phone. If the requirements above are met, you should not have a problem with this process.

Love these games and apps, make comment below to tell us how you feel. Your feedback will be appreciated as well.
Download Games And Apps For Itel 6910, 5020 And 1353 Java

Download Games And Apps For Itel 6910, 5020 And 1353 Java

The tree Itel phones considered in this post are the most used phone in which users search games and apps. Notice that both Itel 5020 and 1353 are keypad phones while itel 6910 is a full-screen touch screen. Now about their games and apps, Download Games And Apps For Itel 6910, 5020 And 1353.

Before you proceed with this post, I will recommend you take a little time out to consider my previous post on Whatsapp and Itel 6910.

Download Games And Apps For Itel 6910, 5020 And 1353

Understand that the following games and apps are not as standard as those of android phones. An increase in loading time, low graphics quality, and poor game sound are all parts of Java game features. Also, the games and apps you will find here on this page are few since more games developer no longer develop java games and apps

Apps Free Download

Games Free Download

Download Games And Apps For Itel 6910, 5020 And 1353 Java

Itel 6910 Android Version

Itel 6910 does not have an Android version. It is a Java phone and cannot be updated or upgraded to an Android phone. Both the games and apps to be installed for this device has to be java in .jar format.

Does Itel 6910 Support Whatsapp

No. See this post, Download Whatsapp For Itel 6910 Free 2019 , for more information on this.

Download Whatsapp For Itel 6910 Free 2019

Download Whatsapp For Itel 6910 Free 2019

Have you been looking for ways to download Whatsapp on your Itel 6910? Well, you probably searched through many websites promising a download link to the latest Whatsapp application for your phone. Unfortunately, you could not have it downloaded and in the end, you get frustrated. Why?

From the very beginning, you considered your phone to be an android device, it is designed like one. it has a full-screen touchpad and apps arranged to look like those on the Android phone. Is Itel 6910 an Android phone?

Let us call a spade a spade and not beat about the bush. Your phone is not an android phone. Oh yeah, you heard me. Your Itel 6910 is not built on the Android operating system (OS) and cannot be called an Android phone. This should explain why those websites you’ve been could not provide you with the Whatsapp app that works on your phone. Let me explain more.

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria


Whatsapp does not work on Java phones. It is not developed to support it, and your phone is a Java phone with just 8 MB RAM and 8 MB storage space. Even if you eventually download the app, your phone does not have what it takes to install it. Check the picture below to see the 3 operating systems supported by the Whatsapp app.

Download Whatsapp For Itel 6910 Free
Whatsapp official website

Download Whatsapp For Itel 6910

Now you know that you have no chance of installing Whatsapp on you 6910. What should you do? You can install the official 2Go Java app so you can chat with it. There are also a handful of games and apps you can download for your phone here. See the specification of your phone below.

  • Operating System: Java OS
  • Storage: 8 MB internal, expandable up to 16 GB
  • Display: 4.00 inches (10.16 cm); TFT LCD; 320 x 480 pixels
  • RAM: 8 MB
  • Cameras: 1.3 MP in front camera; 3 MP for rear camera
  • Battery: 1900mAh
Itel 5606 Dead Solution – Make It Work

Itel 5606 Dead Solution – Make It Work

In truth, the Itel 5606 is my favorite Itel keypad phone so far. It has a strong battery that can last for over 3 days, a beautiful design, and a powerful torchlight that seem brighter than the others of its kind – Itel 5606 Dead Solution

In this post, Itel 5606 Dead Solution, I will carefully consider some situations that render the phone dead and unusable and then with the help of its real pictures explain how to revive it. If you have a dead Itel 5606 that won’t turn on, this is your big day.

Itel 5606 Won’t Turn On

The main cause of this problem if water. Whether it drops on water or it accumulates sweat while in your pocket on a sunny day, it will eventually stop working someday. water is corrosive and sweat is even more corrosive. When water manages to find its way inside the phone panel, it might connect two components that are not meant to be connected. This can make the phone unresponsive.

Itel 5606 Dead Solution
corrosive effect of water in the red circled part of the panel.

Another reason why your phone might not turn on is the power key. If it gets rust, it will not power the phone on. It simply has to be fixed. I have no intention of wasting your time, SoI will go straight to the main issue of Itel 5606 Dead Solution.

Itel 5606 Dead Solution

  1. First thing first, Make sure the battery is fully charged. Sometimes, you just feel that the battery is charged when it really is not. Get another battery if possible.
  2. If you are not a phone technician, then keep the phone in a hot place to dry out possible water from the inside. Placing it in a microwave, or under the sun are good options. After this, power it on.
  3. Clean the power key. Ensure that every dirt is eliminated. Try turning it on.
  4. The phone should be properly cleaned up with, perhaps, with a brush and methylated spirit and then dried up. It is time to try again.
Itel 5606 Won't Turn On
The power key circled in red. It should be clean and free from dirt.

This dead phone issue is not limited to this phone. The suggestions here are general for all most devices and it should work out fine. You should also realize that other situations such as a faulty battery terminal can leave the phone unresponsive. Fortunately, this is rare.

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to get in touch using the comment section below.