Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions – Jumper Connections

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions – Jumper Connections

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions

In this page we will consider the common problems of the Itel p13 plus and how to fix them. Also we will provide all its connection jumper ways – Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions.

If you are a technician, please proceed to the end of this page to get a jumper conncetions for MIC, USB port, Powerkey, VOL key and Battery terminal.

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  1. common issues
  2. common solutions
  3. Jumper connection ways

Common Issues

Like most other android devices, itel p13 plus sometimes run into lots of minor issues such as battery draining unusually fast, running slow and even freezing. These and many other similar issues are minor because a user can easily fix them without seeking the help of a repairer outside the comfort of the home.

The reasons for these issues ranges from missuse of the device to manufacturing error, and in some cases, an error from the phone’s processor chipset. The thing is, these devices are not designed to last forever

Aside from the issues mentioned above, you might also experience excesive heating of the phone, applications closing suddenling while in use and charging problems. Now, let try to get a solution that will restore the phone to it normal working condition.

Common Solutions

Itel P13 Plus Battery draining too fast

There isn’t much solution to this issue. However, maintaining a good and balanced use of the device will prolong the battery life. Do not charge and use the phone at the same time. High end games and apps kills battries. Avoid using powerbank on the device and give it a breathing space. If the battery is in good condiction, practicing these suggestions will make it last longer. For battries that are already draining fast, a replacememnt might be needed if the suggestion here didnt work.

Did you know? Fake charging makes the battery apears fully charged when it is not. It is caused by chargers that are not strong a enough to charge the battery. A good charger might also help prolong battery life.


Itel P13 Plus Heating Up

Usually causes overuse of the device. In some cases, though, it could be that the device needs to be serviced. To be sure, always close your background apps, uninstall high end ganes and app and avoid charging the phone too often.


Itel P13 Plus Charging Problem

Fake charging, slow charging, charging error, connect and disconnect charging and heating up during charging can caused by unsuitable chargers. replace your charger and USB cable with a better one. Some time, too, it could be a sign that the charging port in the phone need replacement. After changing the charger contact a technician if the issue continues.


Itel P13 Plus Runs Slow And Sometime Freezes

It is a known fact that when the storage space of a device is almost filled up it runs slow and sometime freezes. Delete some media files such as musics, videos and irrelivant photos to free up space. Unistalling some apps and games will also help.

Did you know? The “Storage full” notification is related to the slow running of your device. By the time you see this notification, you phone is already running slow even if you haven’t notice.


Jumper connection ways

This section is intended for the technician only. Please do not proceed or attempt the following if you do not have this experiance.

All jumper connection ways here are correct and works well. we hope that this will help you fix your issue without complain.

Itel P13 Plus Problems And Solutions

Itel P13 Plus all jumper connection solution

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Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions

Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions

When it comes to charging issues with your Tecno phone, you want to take this seriously because the phone has to be alive all the time as you carry out your day-to-day activities with it. Fortunately, things are not completely out of hands as there are a few things you can do to fix your Tecno phone charging problem-Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions.

This is the point where you ask “hey Obruche, how do I get this done?” Before I tell you, it is only wise for you to know why you have a problem charging your Tecno phone. Knowing this makes it easier to avoid repeating the same mistake that might have contributed to the current issue in the future. So don’t be in a hurry.

Why Is My Tecno Phone Not Charging?

The main reason why your phone refuses to charge, aside from a faulty charging adaptor and the USB cable, is frequent charging. Frequently charging your phone is unhealthy for the “life circle” of your battery, making it die faster than usual. If the battery dies the phone won’t charge and even if the indicating charging bar pops up, it won’t increase its bars. But that is not all.

Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions

Charging your Tecno phone at every opportunity makes the charging port weak, thereby creating unsteady contact between a charger and the phone during charging. If you ever experience charging your phone for hours without much increase in the battery percentage, charging your phone frequently is likely the reason.

Generally, these are the main reasons why your phone stopped charging, charges slow, or discharges. Whether it is Tecno Camon 15 or spark 7, Camon 16 or Pouvoir 4 Pro, one ore more of the following reasons might be responsible.

  • Frequent Charging
  • Contact with water or other liquid. Don’t underestimate the corrosive power of water. Once it is unattended to in due time, it will cost you your charging port.
  • Exposure to dust or dirt without thorough cleaning – dust and dirt might at as a barrier to the charging port terminals and the USB charging cable.
  • Faulty charger and USB cable.
  • A dead battery – The phone won’t charge in the battery is dead

But I Say To Thee: “Thou Shall Not Charge Thy Phone Too Often”


What Should I Do If My Tecno Phone Charger Is Plugged In But Is Not Charging?

Depending on the model of the phone and what caused the charging problem, you might have a good technician fix it for you. But not so fast. Here is what you can do first.

NB: It is highly recommended for you to check your charger, USB cable, and electric outlet to ensure that they are working well before you proceed.

Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions

For  A Non-technician

It is alright to feel pessimistic at this stage. There is a bit of optimism in you right now, search for it and proceed with these steps.

  • Change the charger and USB cable for a start. At this point, we assume that you are sure the electric wall outlet and any extension attached to it are working.
  • If the phone charge slowly, fake charges, or discharges while a charger is plugged in, changing the charger and the USB cable should fix it. Learning how to read and understand a charger’s charging capacity will help determine the best charger for your phone.
  • Switch electric source of power. Actually, this is the first recommendation from the official Tecno calcare website.
  • Clean the charging port thoroughly. You might want to do this with a toothbrush and then keep the phone’s charging port area in a hot place to dry out any possible water.
  • Check The Battery. If the battery is dead, the phone won’t turn on and won’t charge. If a charger is plugged in, it might not even indicate charging. To do this, search for videos on how to remove the back cover of your phone model on YouTube and then follow the process in the video. Have the battery replaced if you are convinced that it is the cause of the charging problem.
  • Allow 30 Min Before Your Conclusion. Just plug in a good charger to the phone and leave it this long. In some cases when the phone is undercharged, it might take a while before the battery charge up.

Do you need further assistance on how to fix the charging port of your phone? Here is a professional phone repair training course for you. This phone repair course is designed for beginners and packed with both hardware and software repair packages which include videos, images, repair textbooks, and downloadable flashing software.

For Technicians Only

If this is beyond the user, then you should not assume that this is all too easy. Follow these steps.

Step 1.

Check the battery voltage with a multimeter just to make sure it is not a battery problem. If it reads below 0.5mAh, try and boost it up and see if it will allow charging. It might be necessary to replace the battery only if the charging port is working fine and the battery won’t charge back up. The picture below displays the range you would set your multimeter on in order to read a battery.


Step 2.

Replace the Charging Port. In most Tecno phones, simply unplugging the daughterboard (down panel) where the charging port is located and plugging a new one solves the charging issue. However, In some other Tecno phone models, you will have to remove the charging port and replace it directly. If you are having any problem with this or one of the terminals pulls off the board, you can find assistance here.


Step 3. 

Make a jumper connection where charging terminals pull off the board. To do this, you have to understand, at least, the GND and VBUS (VCHRG) notations on the board. Check the image below for more detail and do let me know with the comment field below. If you have any questions regarding creating jumper connections and notations.

Notations on the board of a Tecno phone.


Step 4.

Accept help. Let’s face the fact, at some point during your repair work you might meet some challenges beyond you. No one knows it all. Open your mind, always search for a different approach and develop new ways of handling your charging port replacement.

Maintain A Good Charging Habit For Your Tecno Phone

Not all chargers are healthy for your phone and not all USB cable you should plug-in. If possible, use the original charger that was packaged with the phone when it was purchased. The charging port in the phone needs constant cleaning, it doesn’t cost anything to do this. You should not just look out for dirt, also check if there is any liquid stuff around it. Here is why

You might be so sure that there is no possibility of water in your Tecno phone charging port. But sweat from your thigh on a hot sunny day might penetrate through your pocket and find its way right inside your charging port. For this reason, always check the charging port for water contact before charging – Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions.

How To Repair A Phone – A 4 Step Guide

How to repair a phone is the one question many people ask on this internet with very little specific answers. In this post, we will consider the 4 step method of fixing a hardware issue on any device – including Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, and headsets. First, though, let’s see why you should learn how to repair devices.


Why Should I learn To Repair Devices?

Usually, whenever you have little issues with your phone, you quickly have a technician fix it. As we all know, things don’t always go the way we plan as some repairers might replace important original components inside your phone with the inferior one. Sometimes though, you might be overcharged for very little, literally little issues. Learning to fix a device helps you to avoid these issues. Here is another concrete reason why you should learn how to fix devices whether at a personal level or for business.

Phone Repair Training In Nigeria – Online And Offline

Phone Repair Training In Nigeria – Online And Offline

So, you are looking for whatever means possible to learn how to repair phones, perhaps, as soon as possible. In this post, we will review together some of the available phone repair training centers around Nigeria, rate them on a scale of 1- 5 stars based on their curriculum and, then conclude by contrasting and comparing the online and offline training. Before we start, let us understand the requirement these training institutes must meet in order to be regarded as a training center – Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

Take This Phone Repair Training Course Now

  • Training Materials: A credible phone repair training organizer should have what it takes to teach in terms of tools, sample PCBs and resource materials. This is different from the local raining done across Nigeria where students might not get all the information needed to make progress.
  • Courses: Usually, the main courses in phone repair are Hardware and Software, everything else falls under these two. Our review on this page will include only those that offer one, or the two mentioned courses above.
  • Strategies: Most instructors lack strategies. Learning should be enjoyable and not frustrating. A good phone repair organizer should have innovative teaching strategies.

There are still more requirements to consider. But with just these 3, we are good to go. If you are wondering where to learn to repair phones, you can choose from the review below. Let’s get started.


Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

Some of the phone repair training available here are online while others are offline. Whatever the case, they offer outstanding phone repair training courses that are unique, easy to understand, and amazing.


1. Premium Phone Repair Training (PPRT)

Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

Created in June 2020, it targets both phone repairers, and this interested in learning how to fix phones using premium phone repair contents. This site offers courses in both hardware and software, providing training expert level videos, hundreds of high-quality unique repair jumper images, and an online textbook accessible to all students. Join this training course here

RATING: ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗


  1. Fast response online support
  2. Unique phone repair materials
  3. Organized repair course
  4. Combination of hardware and software courses
  5. Training website neat design interface
  6. Facebook group for registered members
  7. Provide download phone flashing files
  8. Provides regular updates to repair techniques.


  1. Only online courses available.

Access the course here.


2. Retrox Nigeria Limited

The Retrox company undertakes phones and laptop repair at any level including screen replacement, flashing, and servicing. Their training courses are unspecified but have few reviews online on an excellent performance. While this company target all devices and laptops, they are more involved with Apple products such as the iPhone. Their office is located at Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Get in touch here

RATING: ∗ ∗ ∗ 


  1. Have an offline office
  2. Have a support website
  3. Combination of hardware and software course


  1. No known organized course
  2. Focuses more on repair than training
  3. No provision for online support
  4. No regular repair update

Get in touch with Retrox here


3. The SGL Mobile Phone/Tablet Repair

Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

With a head office in Anifowoshe, Ikeja, Lagos State, the SGL is designed to empower youth with immediate self-employment with their course. Numerous participants have attended this course; many of them are doing well in terms of getting private jobs and using it as another stream of regular income. Access the SGL mobile phone/tablet repair here

RATING: ∗ ∗ ∗


  1. Make provisions for expert instructors
  2. Partners with NGOs on behalf of os students
  3. Intensive Practical Session
  4. Combine both hardware and software


  1. No online assistance
  2. Still support irrelevant phone repair subjects
  3. No regular updates

Join SGL next class here

Conclusion On Phone Repair

If you want to learn how to fix phones and became an expert in this field, then you know you should learn from only the expert. Those with the experience, resource, and right training tools can have the right approach to impact you with knowledge. Youtube videos are a complete waste of time. If you have tried watching phone repair training videos on youtube then you know what I am talking about.

Making a choice on which training course to take up might not be easy for you at the moment, but you have to take action now and you know it. With all it’s powerful training tools and resources, you might start will this phone repair training course

Infinix Phones Dead Solution – Power Solution

Infinix Phones Dead Solution – Power Solution

Infinix Phones Dead Solution

The focus of this post is on how to revive a dead Infinix phone irrespective of its model. As we all know, our phones may sometimes go into a state of coma and never return from there. Whatever the cause, it is never a pleasant experience and neither is it out of hands. In this post, Infinix Phones Dead Solution, much consideration will be given to the reason why some Infinix phones won’t turn on, what can do to avoid this power problem and, how to fix it.

Before I begin, understand that not all the solutions provided in this post are within your ability. If you feel that a suggestion here is too complex for you to handle, please feel free to contact a phone repairer. Depending on the cause of your Infinix phone’s power problem, not all solutions here can apply. However, I will try, as much as I can, to provide a solution you can operate on.

Focus Of This Post

  • Reasons Why Infinix Phones Go Dead
  • How To Protect Your phone 
  • Solutions To Dead Infinix Phones

Infinix S4 Over Heating Problem And Solution

Infinix Phone Won’t Turn On – Why?

Over Heating – At my working office, I received lots of complaints from different individuals about how their phones refused to turn on after it went off while it was charging. It happened when operating on a high-end game or app for some. Whether your Infinix phone went dead while charging it or playing a “sophisticated” games, it probably went got too hot and almost thoroughly cooked. Many users have confirmed this to be true. I will discuss more on this in the solution section below.

A Dying Battery – You already know that a mobile phone will never power on without a battery. And even with battery inside, it still won’t turn on if the battery is not charged. It gets worse when the battery is undercharged. It won’t even charge with the best of chargers because it is now below the charging point. If the phone is not used for a long time and the battery is not charged, this can happen

Usually, even when the phone goes off as a result of a low battery, it still releases charges to the phone. This is to update the phone’s date and time and some unsaved important data on the phone. This further reduces the battery’s charge and if not charged over a long period of time, it will reduce to a point where a charger may not be able to charge it.

Power Key – The power key is the only access to the phone. I don’t mean the pattern lock or fingerprint stuff. Without the power key, you cannot turn on your Infinix phone unless you are a technician. Therefore, your phone might seem dead because the power key is not working. In this case, it will indicate charging as normal when a charger is plugged in.

Water An Enemy – Accidentally, phones fall on water, water causes panel components to bridge (connect to one another) when they are not meant to be. This can cause a wide variety of “fruits” to the phone. The screen might flick, the touchpad may not work properly, it might easily heat up when being used and may even never turn on. Always protect your phone from water. the electronic enemy.

Broken Screen – Somehow, when a phone screen is damaged it might not display a thing. Not even a visible light that can be observed in a dark room. Even when the phone is on, it might appear dead to the individual using the phone. If it was on silent before the screen got damaged call will successfully come in without being noticed.

As I investigate further causes of Infinix phones that won’t turn on, adjustments and updates will be made to this post on Infinix Phones Dead Solution accordingly.

How To Protect Your phone 

  1. Don’t let it get too hot. If you have used it for too long, allow it to rest. uninstalling unused apps and games allow the phone enough storage space to run. You might also consider deleting media files such as pictures and videos too. Your phone won’t get too hot if you have a lot of storage space.
  2. Charge your battery as soon as you can if it runs low. If the phone is unused over a long time, charge it to 80% once every 3 months. See your phone manual for this.
  3. Dirt and rust can damage your power key. Get a phone cover (case) for it. This should also protect the power key from hard press.
  4. Restart your phone as often as you can, it doesn’t cost a thing to do this. It refreshes your phone and enables it to run fast.
  5. Never dismiss the option of factory resetting your phone if you notice anything indecent. It is understandable you might be unwilling due to files that might be lost. Remember that some phones go dead reviving despite best efforts.
Infinix Phones Dead Solution

Protect Your Phone From Water

How To Revive Dead Infinix Phones

As established above, there are various reasons why the Infinix Phone stops working. This means that there are different ways of fixing them too. Let’s consider these solutions one after the other.

Charge For 30 Minutes – Make sure that you have a fast charger with a trusted USB cable. Charge the phone for up to 30 minutes. If the battery is undercharged, it takes time for it to come back on track. Regarding the overheating problem mentioned earlier, the battery becomes too weak to power the phone. Then it goes off. Understand that batteries expend more charges than normal when the phone is hot. Therefore, it suddenly goes undercharged even at a 10% charge. The solution is to charge it that long.

Keep It Dry – Suppose it came in contact with water, it may not turn on. It is not all the time one will know if there is water inside a phone. Sweat may gradually find its way inside while in the pocket. For this reason, it is so recommended that you dry out any possible water from your Infinix phone. This can be done by keeping the phone directly under sunlight for about an hour. You may also light up an electric bulb in a box and place the phone in it, this is a homemade method. A more advanced method would be the use of an electric heater. More on this below.

Replace The Battery – It might just be that the battery is too weak to power the phone and could not charge up. Don’t dismiss this as an option nor should you think that only a technician can replace it. You can replace your battery all by yourself even if it is inbuilt. Watch the video at the top of this page to learn how to open (disassemble) a phone.

How To Turn On A Dead Phone (Advance)

From this point on, it is clearly beyond what the average Infinix phone user can try. Only a trained phone technician should carry out the instructions below. For the best result, do not deviate from these solutions.

Service The Phone – Disassemble it and clean the panel. unplugging and replugging battery, down panel, and screen cables help too. Gently brush the panel with a toothbrush soaked inside methylated spirit. Dry with an electric heater or direct sunlight in the absence of a heater.

Run Some Test – Use a multimeter’s continuity to find out if the power key is working. If that is not possible, try and bridge the PWRK (power key) with GND. Also, test the battery to know if the battery is charged or not. If charged, check if the battery distributes current across the panel by reading both the GND and B+ with your multimeter.

Change The Charging Port – This is necessary at this point because if the charging port is faulty, the battery won’t charge. If the battery is not charged, you already know, the phone won’t work. In one specific phone I worked o years ago, I was told it won’t turn on and won’t charge. Charging port replacement fixed it. It is a good idea to test the charging port way in the phone panel before making the replacement.

Try Screen Replacement – Try another screen. See if a new screen makes any difference.

Really, not all dead phones make it back alive. But with the information provided on this page, you’ll able to restore yours. Let me know if you have any questions or comment about Infinix Phones Dead Solution below. I will be sure to approve and respond ASAP.

Infinix S4 Dead Solution and how to revive Infinix S5. See Also: Infinix S4 Charging Problem And Solution – Jumper Way