Infinix Hot 6x Problems And Solutions

In this post, we will take a look at some of the problems of Infinix Hot 6x and how to fix them at home without requesting the help of a technician. The content on this post is similar to that of other infinix phones. So take your time to browse through this site to find more helpful information – Infinix Hot 6x Problems And Solutions – Jumper

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Note: If you are a phone repair engineer and you need the jumper connection picture for Hot 6x, not that we have deliberately not provided any jumper image. The notations on the Logic board is easy to identify and work with. If you still need access to the board, click on the link.

Infinix Hot 6x Problems And Solutions

The Problem

Like all devices, the Hot 6x might sometimes develop issues such a charging problem, mouthpiece problems, battery problem and even power problem. When these problems start, it’s easy to look for a technician around you that can fix them. But before you proceed, let us consider some steps you should take first.

Infinix Hot 6x Not Charging

Infinix Hot 6x Won’t Power On

My Infinix Hot6x Is Hanging

Why Is My Infinix Hot 6x Slow

Infinix Hot 6x Heating up.

The Solution

  1. Always restart your phone. It solves a lot of problems. Stable electricity can make your device serve you for weeks without shutting down. This is not healthy for your device. It can cause it to freeze, run slow or heat up. Next time your phone has one of these problems, just restart it
  2. End all background Apps more often. With lots of background App running, your Hot 6x can start having one or more of the three problems mentioned in step 1. Practice killing background App at least twice per day. Watch the video of how to end background Apps below.
  3. Protect your phone dirt and water. This can cause charging problems with your phone. Always clean the charging port of your device with a toothbrush. If you keep having a charging problem with your phone, change the charger and USB cable.
  4. Avoid using your phone while charging. This solves the battery draining fast issue. If you feel that your battery is draining too fast, stop using your phone too often. Deleting high-end games and Apps should help too. And of course, reduce battery brightness too.
  5. If your phone seems dead and won’t turn on, it could be that the battery is undercharged and or the charging port is bad and cannot charge the battery back up. Plug in your charger and allow it 30 min. If the battery is undercharged, this should be enough for it to get back up. Clean the charging port terminal on the phone with a toothbrush to ensure that it contains no dirt that can prevent charging.


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