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Having a Tecno Pop 2 with lots of problems? On this page, we will discourse not just Tecno Pop 2 Charging And Power Solution but every Pop 2 phone problems in general. Are you ready, Let’s get started.

In my previous post, Tecno Phone Problems And Their Solutions, I highlight some steps that can be taken by the average user to fix some common issues with all Tecno phones in general. I will advise you to check it out. This post actually, is written for phone technicians.

Tecno Pop 2 Charging And Power SolutionTecno Pop 2 Charging And Power Solution


Tecno Pop 2 Charging Jumper Ways.

The charging ways of this device is easy to trace and solder. The picture below shows the jumper connection way of the device with its charging positive terminal connected close to the battery clip connector.

This connection is has been tested in various Tecno Pop 2 devices and it works perfectly.

Tecno Pop 2 Charging Jumper Ways

Charging jumper connection ways of Tecno Pop 2. Check out the full image size below.


Tecno Pop 2 Power Jumper Ways.

The solution to the power key is founding the jumper connection of the image below. This image is similar to the previous charging jumper connection part. The difference is that the power jumper section is mapped out in the following image.

Again, this jumper way has been tested and found working.

Tecno Pop 2 Charging And Power Solution

If the identified power key point here pulls off the panel or for some reason you chose to run a power jumper connection, use this connection way. Check out the full-size image below.


Tecno Pop 2 All Jumper Ways.

Find the connection way for all other Pop 2 jumper below. This includes MIC jumper way, Speaker Jumperconnection way and Battery terminal connection way. Follower the connection ways in the attached image to make your own connections. All connections in the attached image are accurate and work fine.

Download Full Image File Here (Tecno Pop 2)

Download All Available Jumper Connection Image Files Here


If you are a beginner, making a jumper connection won’t be easy for you. You have to learn how to carry out basic repairs. Join our phone repair online course designed for beginners. Check It out here