When it comes to charging issues with your Tecno phone, you want to take this seriously because the phone has to be alive all the time as you carry out your day-to-day activities with it. Fortunately, things are not completely out of hands as there are a few things you can do to fix your Tecno phone charging problem-Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions.

This is the point where you ask “hey Obruche, how do I get this done?” Before I tell you, it is only wise for you to know why you have a problem charging your Tecno phone. Knowing this makes it easier to avoid repeating the same mistake that might have contributed to the current issue in the future. So don’t be in a hurry.

Why Is My Tecno Phone Not Charging?

The main reason why your phone refuses to charge, aside from a faulty charging adaptor and the USB cable, is frequent charging. Frequently charging your phone is unhealthy for the “life circle” of your battery, making it die faster than usual. If the battery dies the phone won’t charge and even if the indicating charging bar pops up, it won’t increase its bars. But that is not all.

Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions

Charging your Tecno phone at every opportunity makes the charging port weak, thereby creating unsteady contact between a charger and the phone during charging. If you ever experience charging your phone for hours without much increase in the battery percentage, charging your phone frequently is likely the reason.

Generally, these are the main reasons why your phone stopped charging, charges slow, or discharges. Whether it is Tecno Camon 15 or spark 7, Camon 16 or Pouvoir 4 Pro, one ore more of the following reasons might be responsible.

  • Frequent Charging
  • Contact with water or other liquid. Don’t underestimate the corrosive power of water. Once it is unattended to in due time, it will cost you your charging port.
  • Exposure to dust or dirt without thorough cleaning – dust and dirt might at as a barrier to the charging port terminals and the USB charging cable.
  • Faulty charger and USB cable.
  • A dead battery – The phone won’t charge in the battery is dead

But I Say To Thee: “Thou Shall Not Charge Thy Phone Too Often”


What Should I Do If My Tecno Phone Charger Is Plugged In But Is Not Charging?

Depending on the model of the phone and what caused the charging problem, you might have a good technician fix it for you. But not so fast. Here is what you can do first.

NB: It is highly recommended for you to check your charger, USB cable, and electric outlet to ensure that they are working well before you proceed.

Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions

For  A Non-technician

It is alright to feel pessimistic at this stage. There is a bit of optimism in you right now, search for it and proceed with these steps.

  • Change the charger and USB cable for a start. At this point, we assume that you are sure the electric wall outlet and any extension attached to it are working.
  • If the phone charge slowly, fake charges, or discharges while a charger is plugged in, changing the charger and the USB cable should fix it. Learning how to read and understand a charger’s charging capacity will help determine the best charger for your phone.
  • Switch electric source of power. Actually, this is the first recommendation from the official Tecno calcare website.
  • Clean the charging port thoroughly. You might want to do this with a toothbrush and then keep the phone’s charging port area in a hot place to dry out any possible water.
  • Check The Battery. If the battery is dead, the phone won’t turn on and won’t charge. If a charger is plugged in, it might not even indicate charging. To do this, search for videos on how to remove the back cover of your phone model on YouTube and then follow the process in the video. Have the battery replaced if you are convinced that it is the cause of the charging problem.
  • Allow 30 Min Before Your Conclusion. Just plug in a good charger to the phone and leave it this long. In some cases when the phone is undercharged, it might take a while before the battery charge up.

Do you need further assistance on how to fix the charging port of your phone? Here is a professional phone repair training course for you. This phone repair course is designed for beginners and packed with both hardware and software repair packages which include videos, images, repair textbooks, and downloadable flashing software.

For Technicians Only

If this is beyond the user, then you should not assume that this is all too easy. Follow these steps.

Step 1.

Check the battery voltage with a multimeter just to make sure it is not a battery problem. If it reads below 0.5mAh, try and boost it up and see if it will allow charging. It might be necessary to replace the battery only if the charging port is working fine and the battery won’t charge back up. The picture below displays the range you would set your multimeter on in order to read a battery.


Step 2.

Replace the Charging Port. In most Tecno phones, simply unplugging the daughterboard (down panel) where the charging port is located and plugging a new one solves the charging issue. However, In some other Tecno phone models, you will have to remove the charging port and replace it directly. If you are having any problem with this or one of the terminals pulls off the board, you can find assistance here.


Step 3. 

Make a jumper connection where charging terminals pull off the board. To do this, you have to understand, at least, the GND and VBUS (VCHRG) notations on the board. Check the image below for more detail and do let me know with the comment field below. If you have any questions regarding creating jumper connections and notations.

Notations on the board of a Tecno phone.


Step 4.

Accept help. Let’s face the fact, at some point during your repair work you might meet some challenges beyond you. No one knows it all. Open your mind, always search for a different approach and develop new ways of handling your charging port replacement.

Maintain A Good Charging Habit For Your Tecno Phone

Not all chargers are healthy for your phone and not all USB cable you should plug-in. If possible, use the original charger that was packaged with the phone when it was purchased. The charging port in the phone needs constant cleaning, it doesn’t cost anything to do this. You should not just look out for dirt, also check if there is any liquid stuff around it. Here is why

You might be so sure that there is no possibility of water in your Tecno phone charging port. But sweat from your thigh on a hot sunny day might penetrate through your pocket and find its way right inside your charging port. For this reason, always check the charging port for water contact before charging – Tecno Phone Charging Problems And Their Solutions.