Phone Repair Training In Nigeria – Online And Offline


So, you are looking for whatever means possible to learn how to repair phones, perhaps, as soon as possible. In this post, we will review together some of the available phone repair training centers around Nigeria, rate them on a scale of 1- 5 stars based on their curriculum and, then conclude by contrasting and comparing the online and offline training. Before we start, let us understand the requirement these training institutes must meet in order to be regarded as a training center – Phone Repair Training In Nigeria


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  • Training Materials: A credible phone repair training organizer should have what it takes to teach in terms of tools, sample PCBs and resource materials. This is different from the local raining done across Nigeria where students might not get all the information needed to make progress.
  • Courses: Usually, the main courses in phone repair are Hardware and Software, everything else falls under these two. Our review on this page will include only those that offer one, or the two mentioned courses above.
  • Strategies: Most instructors lack strategies. Learning should be enjoyable and not frustrating. A good phone repair organizer should have innovative teaching strategies.

There are still more requirements to consider. But with just these 3, we are good to go. If you are wondering where to learn to repair phones, you can choose from the review below. Let’s get started.


Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

Some of the phone repair training available here are online while others are offline. Whatever the case, they offer outstanding phone repair training courses that are unique, easy to understand, and amazing.


1. Premium Phone Repair Training (PPRT)

Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

Created in June 2020, it targets both phone repairers, and this interested in learning how to fix phones using premium phone repair contents. This site offers courses in both hardware and software, providing training expert level videos, hundreds of high-quality unique repair jumper images, and an online textbook accessible to all students. Join this training course here

RATING: ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗


  1. Fast response online support
  2. Unique phone repair materials
  3. Organized repair course
  4. Combination of hardware and software courses
  5. Training website neat design interface
  6. Facebook group for registered members
  7. Provide download phone flashing files
  8. Provides regular updates to repair techniques.


  1. Only online courses available.

Access the course here.


2. Retrox Nigeria Limited

The Retrox company undertakes phones and laptop repair at any level including screen replacement, flashing, and servicing. Their training courses are unspecified but have few reviews online on an excellent performance. While this company target all devices and laptops, they are more involved with Apple products such as the iPhone. Their office is located at Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Get in touch here

RATING: ∗ ∗ ∗ 


  1. Have an offline office
  2. Have a support website
  3. Combination of hardware and software course


  1. No known organized course
  2. Focuses more on repair than training
  3. No provision for online support
  4. No regular repair update

Get in touch with Retrox here


3. The SGL Mobile Phone/Tablet Repair

Phone Repair Training In Nigeria

With a head office in Anifowoshe, Ikeja, Lagos State, the SGL is designed to empower youth with immediate self-employment with their course. Numerous participants have attended this course; many of them are doing well in terms of getting private jobs and using it as another stream of regular income. Access the SGL mobile phone/tablet repair here

RATING: ∗ ∗ ∗


  1. Make provisions for expert instructors
  2. Partners with NGOs on behalf of os students
  3. Intensive Practical Session
  4. Combine both hardware and software


  1. No online assistance
  2. Still support irrelevant phone repair subjects
  3. No regular updates

Join SGL next class here

Conclusion On Phone Repair

If you want to learn how to fix phones and became an expert in this field, then you know you should learn from only the expert. Those with the experience, resource, and right training tools can have the right approach to impact you with knowledge. Youtube videos are a complete waste of time. If you have tried watching phone repair training videos on youtube then you know what I am talking about.

Making a choice on which training course to take up might not be easy for you at the moment, but you have to take action now and you know it. With all it’s powerful training tools and resources, you might start will this phone repair training course

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