Infinix Phones Dead Solution

The focus of this post is on how to revive a dead Infinix phone irrespective of its model. As we all know, our phones may sometimes go into a state of coma and never return from there. Whatever the cause, it is never a pleasant experience and neither is it out of hands. In this post, Infinix Phones Dead Solution, much consideration will be given to the reason why some Infinix phones won’t turn on, what can do to avoid this power problem and, how to fix it.

Before I begin, understand that not all the solutions provided in this post are within your ability. If you feel that a suggestion here is too complex for you to handle, please feel free to contact a phone repairer. Depending on the cause of your Infinix phone’s power problem, not all solutions here can apply. However, I will try, as much as I can, to provide a solution you can operate on.

Focus Of This Post

  • Reasons Why Infinix Phones Go Dead
  • How To Protect Your phone 
  • Solutions To Dead Infinix Phones

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Infinix Phone Won’t Turn On – Why?

Over Heating – At my working office, I received lots of complaints from different individuals about how their phones refused to turn on after it went off while it was charging. It happened when operating on a high-end game or app for some. Whether your Infinix phone went dead while charging it or playing a “sophisticated” games, it probably went got too hot and almost thoroughly cooked. Many users have confirmed this to be true. I will discuss more on this in the solution section below.

A Dying Battery – You already know that a mobile phone will never power on without a battery. And even with battery inside, it still won’t turn on if the battery is not charged. It gets worse when the battery is undercharged. It won’t even charge with the best of chargers because it is now below the charging point. If the phone is not used for a long time and the battery is not charged, this can happen

Usually, even when the phone goes off as a result of a low battery, it still releases charges to the phone. This is to update the phone’s date and time and some unsaved important data on the phone. This further reduces the battery’s charge and if not charged over a long period of time, it will reduce to a point where a charger may not be able to charge it.

Power Key – The power key is the only access to the phone. I don’t mean the pattern lock or fingerprint stuff. Without the power key, you cannot turn on your Infinix phone unless you are a technician. Therefore, your phone might seem dead because the power key is not working. In this case, it will indicate charging as normal when a charger is plugged in.

Water An Enemy – Accidentally, phones fall on water, water causes panel components to bridge (connect to one another) when they are not meant to be. This can cause a wide variety of “fruits” to the phone. The screen might flick, the touchpad may not work properly, it might easily heat up when being used and may even never turn on. Always protect your phone from water. the electronic enemy.

Broken Screen – Somehow, when a phone screen is damaged it might not display a thing. Not even a visible light that can be observed in a dark room. Even when the phone is on, it might appear dead to the individual using the phone. If it was on silent before the screen got damaged call will successfully come in without being noticed.

As I investigate further causes of Infinix phones that won’t turn on, adjustments and updates will be made to this post on Infinix Phones Dead Solution accordingly.

How To Protect Your phone 

  1. Don’t let it get too hot. If you have used it for too long, allow it to rest. uninstalling unused apps and games allow the phone enough storage space to run. You might also consider deleting media files such as pictures and videos too. Your phone won’t get too hot if you have a lot of storage space.
  2. Charge your battery as soon as you can if it runs low. If the phone is unused over a long time, charge it to 80% once every 3 months. See your phone manual for this.
  3. Dirt and rust can damage your power key. Get a phone cover (case) for it. This should also protect the power key from hard press.
  4. Restart your phone as often as you can, it doesn’t cost a thing to do this. It refreshes your phone and enables it to run fast.
  5. Never dismiss the option of factory resetting your phone if you notice anything indecent. It is understandable you might be unwilling due to files that might be lost. Remember that some phones go dead reviving despite best efforts.
Infinix Phones Dead Solution

Protect Your Phone From Water

How To Revive Dead Infinix Phones

As established above, there are various reasons why the Infinix Phone stops working. This means that there are different ways of fixing them too. Let’s consider these solutions one after the other.

Charge For 30 Minutes – Make sure that you have a fast charger with a trusted USB cable. Charge the phone for up to 30 minutes. If the battery is undercharged, it takes time for it to come back on track. Regarding the overheating problem mentioned earlier, the battery becomes too weak to power the phone. Then it goes off. Understand that batteries expend more charges than normal when the phone is hot. Therefore, it suddenly goes undercharged even at a 10% charge. The solution is to charge it that long.

Keep It Dry – Suppose it came in contact with water, it may not turn on. It is not all the time one will know if there is water inside a phone. Sweat may gradually find its way inside while in the pocket. For this reason, it is so recommended that you dry out any possible water from your Infinix phone. This can be done by keeping the phone directly under sunlight for about an hour. You may also light up an electric bulb in a box and place the phone in it, this is a homemade method. A more advanced method would be the use of an electric heater. More on this below.

Replace The Battery – It might just be that the battery is too weak to power the phone and could not charge up. Don’t dismiss this as an option nor should you think that only a technician can replace it. You can replace your battery all by yourself even if it is inbuilt. Watch the video at the top of this page to learn how to open (disassemble) a phone.

How To Turn On A Dead Phone (Advance)

From this point on, it is clearly beyond what the average Infinix phone user can try. Only a trained phone technician should carry out the instructions below. For the best result, do not deviate from these solutions.

Service The Phone – Disassemble it and clean the panel. unplugging and replugging battery, down panel, and screen cables help too. Gently brush the panel with a toothbrush soaked inside methylated spirit. Dry with an electric heater or direct sunlight in the absence of a heater.

Run Some Test – Use a multimeter’s continuity to find out if the power key is working. If that is not possible, try and bridge the PWRK (power key) with GND. Also, test the battery to know if the battery is charged or not. If charged, check if the battery distributes current across the panel by reading both the GND and B+ with your multimeter.

Change The Charging Port – This is necessary at this point because if the charging port is faulty, the battery won’t charge. If the battery is not charged, you already know, the phone won’t work. In one specific phone I worked o years ago, I was told it won’t turn on and won’t charge. Charging port replacement fixed it. It is a good idea to test the charging port way in the phone panel before making the replacement.

Try Screen Replacement – Try another screen. See if a new screen makes any difference.

Really, not all dead phones make it back alive. But with the information provided on this page, you’ll able to restore yours. Let me know if you have any questions or comment about Infinix Phones Dead Solution below. I will be sure to approve and respond ASAP.

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