How To Stop Tecno Phone From Hanging

When it comes to hanging problems, most tecno android phones are guilty of this one sin. From Tecno k7 to Tecno w4, the hanging problem is one issue one should be concerned with. What is the cause of tecno phone haging problems? What is the solution to the issue? How To Stop Tecno Phone From Hanging

Let us understand the basic thing about this issue. The hanging problem can either be progressive unresponsive or totally unresponsive. This means that the phone may hang, work for a time, and then hang over and over again. However it is, it started somewhere. What is the cause of it?

Why Does My Tecno Phone Hang?

There are a few reasons why your Tecno phone hangs. They are mentioned below.

  1. When the storage space of your Tecno phone is almost filled up, it is likely to have the hanging problem. As you know, most Tecno phones have low storage space and unless an external storage device is attached, it is likely to fill up really fast. Games and apps, media files such as music, videos, and pictures are what usually occupy your phone’s storage space.
  2. Using the phone for so long especially operating high-end games and apps is another well-known reason for the hanging problem. It is never a good idea to use your phone for high-end games and apps for long. It makes the phone heat up, runs slow, and eventually freeze up.

How To Stop Tecno Phone From Hanging

  1. Give your phone space
  2. Uninstall unnecessary high-end games and apps
  3. delete unnecessary media files – videos, music, and pictures
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Factory reset the phone as your last option.

Hanging issue is a general problem for all phones, regardless of the make and brand of the device. However, the same method is used in fixing it for all phones. I hope that this post is helpful.