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Infinix S4 Charging Problem And Solution

If your infinix S4 is not charging at all, perhaps, because the charging port is bad, you will find the solution to this issue here on this post. before we dive into the solution, it is important to state this early that one has to be a phone technician before attempting the advance section of fixing this issue. If you are a mobile phone repairer and are sure that the charging port needs replacement or jumper connection, please scroll to the bottom section of this page. Bear in mind that this page discusses only Infinix S4 Charging Problem And Solution


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Why Is Infinix S4 Not Charging?

If your Infinix S3 is not charging, it could be due to one or more of the reasons listed below.

  1. The charger is not properly connected to the power source (wall socket) or the phone charging port
  2. The charger is bad and needs to be replaced
  3. The charging port in the phone is bad and needs replacement
  4. The inbuilt battery is bad or undercharged


Infinix S4 Charging Solution

First thing first, Check your power source. Make sure that the socket or power extension you plug the charger is working. Start by plugging other electrical appliances on that same socket. Where possible, you may plug your TV or laptop there.

Next, change the charger and USB cable. The charger may be in good working condition but the cable might have gone bad. The cable is also greatly responsible for the fast charging of the phone. This means that if your phone charges slow compare with how it used to, changing the USB cable solves the problem. Now under the circumstance of not charging at all, you need more than changing the USB cable – change the charger as well.

If the power outlet seems okay and the charger and USB cable is working, then turn to the battery. Usually, when a battery is under-charged, It is difficult to charge it back to normal. In some cases, a multiple charger is used to boost it up, but this process is done only by a phone technician. At other times, the battery will start charging if a charger is plugged in for more than a few minutes, say 29 minutes. So, after making sure that the charger and power source is not the problem here, just plug the charger to the phone and keep it charging for about 20 minutes and see if it will eventually charge.

The last thing to do is changing the charging port on the phone. However, this should only be done by a phone repairer and not you the user. This leads us to the advanced section of this page. In the meantime, leave a comment below if you have any questions or contributions to this or related topic.


Infinix S4 Charging Panel And Jumper Way

Infinix S4 Charging Problem And Solution - Jumper Way
Main panel and down panel of Infinix S4 including back cover and battery

The charging port of the Infinix S4 is located at the down panel of the phone just like most other mobile phones. It is connected to the main panel through its flex. Please see the picture below for a clear down panel carrying the charging port

The charging issue may be the result of the charging port. Simply replacing the down panel solves this issue. However, if the problem is due to a damaged flex or flex clip or maybe the down panel could not be purchased, then a jumper connection is required. Again, carefully observe the picture below for the jumper connection of the battery positive (VCHRG) way. Notice that the connection is made from the down panel to the main panel of the phone.


Infinix S4 charging way connection jumper

The connection in the picture above has been read and found correct and completely reliable. Please make use of the comment section below to get in touch if you have any questions, compliant or suggestions.

45 thoughts on “Infinix S4 Charging Problem And Solution – Jumper Way

  1. when i plug my infinix s4 on charge it just shows the battery charging icon but does not increase the charge percentage it 0% all the time. It does not power on at all.What might be a problem?. NOTE; I have tried multiple chargers and cables but still the issue persists. I even cleaned the charging port with alcohol still the same.

    1. It should be the battery problem. Try turn it on when charging. It might turn on but once charger is removed, it will go off. Thing is, change the battery.

  2. I opened the clip next to the battery clip, closed it back but now the phone can’t touch, what’s the way out Sir?

    1. Hello Philip, did you unclip it with force? Try to brush it with a toothbrush gently to remove any possible dirt preventing the touchpad from working.

  3. When I plug my infinix s4 it shows the charging icon but does not increase the percent … I have tried different chargers and even ordered for a new infinix charger but it still won’t increase the percent

    1. Hi Victor, the charging port is bad and needs to be replaced. Nothing will change even with the new infinix charger you ordered. It causes no harm to change the charging port.

  4. When I plug my S4 phone to laptop it charges but when i use current with different chargers it will just show charging but the charging % do not increase even when charging with NEPA light.What can cause it and what is the solution?

    1. To answer your question and provide a solution, I would like to know what led to this situation. Did this issue just start suddenly or was it gradually? Have you tried charging it with a power bank before? Try to charge it when it is switched off and note if there is a difference. Your answer will help me provide a better answer or possible solution to your issue.

    1. Are you sure you bought the right infinite s4 or the fake one. Could it be that you somehow interrupted the process? Let me know.

  5. my s4 infinx got switched off while playing game with 2% bat life. several chargers have been used but could not charg at all. what is the solution pls

    1. I guess the phone 📱 got really hot before it went off. It might just be battery 🔋 related issue. Watch the video at the too of this page, follow carefully the instructions of opening the back of the phone, remove the battery clip and then insert it back. After this, charge the phone. That should do.

  6. I connected my Infinix s4 to charger it does not show charging and nither charge the mobile, I tried lots of charger but same results or my Infinix s4 heated too . so pls tell me some solution of it..

    1. No Maaz. I think the charging port is bad and need a replacement. This is beyond you now. Contact a phone 📱 repairer near you.

  7. I charged my Infinix s4 from 0% it will manage to get to 33%, for hours, that’s where it will stop charging, even though u off it, it won’t charged more than that

    1. Hello Anthonia.
      Try another charger. I sometimes experience the same problem with my s4. In my own case, I only have to change the USB cable and I’m good to go. If several chargers don’t make any difference, then factory reset the phone. Let me know.

    2. I’ve tried changing USB CABLES but the situation is as above. The phone powers, but the charging is just too slow and will not go beyond 32%. I shall try factory reset and let you know the result.

  8. From where we can buy the new charging port ? Plz guide… And also tell if the new charging port work for long time or not..?

    1. Replacing a charging port is usually done by a phone repairer and not the user. If you are not technician, don’t try to replace it. About the durability of replaced charging port, it you don’t charge the phone too frequently and force a charger through the port, it should last long.

  9. My infinix s4 does not charge but it shows the indicator and it does not show the percentage (just the icon) please I need help

  10. My infinix phone keeps discharging
    I put it to charge today and it was on 34% but it kept draining and I have tried different cables even new ones still nothing changing
    What could be the problem?

  11. I changed my Infinix s4 charging port since then it takes hours to increase the charging percentage what might be the problem

    1. Holla Nicki.
      Change the charger, especially the USB cable. If the problem persist, then the charging port terminal is not well soldered. It has to be refixed.

  12. Please Help, for the past 12 hours I’ve been charging my phone it’s at 77% and it’s still saying 6 hours left. It charged 2% for 2 hours. Infinix S4. Charging very slow, I’ve done factory reset changed charger yet no change

    1. Change USB cable. It happens often with modern-day android phones. Charging port replacement should be your next step if you are sure it is not a USB cable problem

  13. My s4 will be showing charging but it stays on a particular parcentage for hours and i dont think it can be chaging Port

  14. Sir, My s4 fingerprint option is missing from my phone’s security settings and it has been non-responsive eversince, and also the scanner has been slack for a while before i noticed this development.
    How can i solve this problem sir?

    1. You will have to send the fingerprint scanner app from another phone to your phone in order to have access. OR If you have the app freeze app on your phone, MAKE SURE IT IS NOT HIDING THE FINGERPRINT SCANNING APP.

  15. My s4 show OTG connection always on top without connect OTG cable …also most Time charge very slow even change charger but if charg then bet try Time good…….after read commend I think it’s port problem……also fingerprint option missing from setting. Can you help plz

    1. The OTG and charging port has some stuff in common. If it turns itself on, then it is likely that the charging port is bad. Try and clean the charging port fist. Use a toothbrush to remove dirt and restart the phone. It should solve the problem. Let me know.

  16. My s4 off when I was charging it,is not showing charging,have removed d battery and put it back,no changes what could be the problem,I took it to the technician d first one said its battery,and he will flash it,the second one said is panel. I don’t kW who to follow

    1. It is a panel problem. The s4 has this panel issue from my personal observations and infinix is silent about it. Sometimes, it just goes off while operating the phone and the panel goes dead for no good reason.

  17. My infinix s4 show charging icon but power doesn’t go on ? Have changed port but nothing changed still show charging but doesn’t increase on %

  18. My phone isn’t charging at all. Sometimes it just suddenly picks but never gets to 100%charge.

    Secondly, the phone has to be on speaker to hear the person on the other end. What do I do please? Thank you

    1. This is way beyond you if you are not a technician. I will recommend you take it to a technician. The charging port and the mouthpiece needs replacement. As for the mouthpiece, before taking it for repair, dial any number on the phone and press the volume-up key until the volume is loudest and see if it will work.

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