In recent times, Tecno mobile is pushing hard at making quality mobile phones with amazing designs user-friendly experience. Keeping up-to-date with Google’s ever-updating Android version is another incredible aspect where a thumb-up is given to this phone maker. However, like every other mobile device out there, Tecno mobile phones have their own problems or issue. Some of these problems are similar to those of other phones. Also, some of the problems of Tecno phones are minor and can be easily fixed, while others are somewhat major. For this reason, we will consider in this page Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions.

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Infinix S4 Camera Sample- How To Use The Camera

Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions

Before we begin, it is very necessary to identify, at least, the common problems of tecno mobile phones. In this post, Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions, we will just proceed to identify them now. Only then can we provide solutions that are applicable. As you read the list of issues below, you may find out that you are already familiar with some of them, perhaps your previous or present Tecno phone had developed such an issue before. Let us get started.

  • Tecno Over-heating Problem
  • Tecno Phones Runs Slow, Lags Or Hangs
  • Phone Operating Itself
  • Camera Issues
  • Battery Drains Fast
  • The Phone Won’t Turn On
  • Tecno Phone Charges Slow
  • Running Out Of Storage Space
  • Can’t Install Apps
  • Network Problems
  • Fingerprint set-up And Recognition Problem
  • Notification Does Not Display

Well, the list can go on and on. However, what we have here are the most common problems with Tecno phones. Without delay, we will now thoroughly provide solutions to these issues serially. But, just before that please take your time and read the note below.

Note: If you are skeptical about this, have a phone technician fix your phone. In the process of trying out these solutions, a double-minded person might end up damaging a phone even more. It is also important to read and understand the steps provided for each solution completely before you proceed.

1. Tecno Phone Over-heating Problem

This is one very obvious issue with Android phones of which Tecno phones are not exempted. The phone feels so hot when operating or charging. The heat generated by the phone is more than the usual rise in temperature for every phone when being operated or charged. In some cases, depending on the severity of the heat, the phone can freeze up, shut down, and then boot itself of (restart). To find a solution to the overheating problem, it will be so much helpful to know why a phone over-heat.

Why Does My Tecno Phone Over-Heat?

There are many factors responsible for this issue. One notable reason high-end games and apps. When a few of them installed on your device and operate on them for more than a few minutes the phone begins to heat up. High-end games and apps are usually those with large file sizes and require a lot from the phone to process their data. Don’t let me mention Call of Duty andPES 2020 as a few examples.

Another reason why a phone over-heat is multitasking the phone. This involves opening too many apps without closing them from the app tray. Really, this is supposed to be one cool feature of Android as it allows users to switch within phone apps easily.

partial contact between a charger and the phone’s charging port during charging caused this issue also. If this is the case, you might notice some sparkling light from the charging port if you observe closely when charging in a dark place. In a quiet environment, you might hear some sort of low noise from the charging port indicating partial contact charging. Since we are considering Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions on the page, what is the solution to this issue?

Solution To Phone Over-heating Issue

Stop the phone overheating today

Solution To Phone Over-heating Issue

Since high-end games and apps are one main reason for over-heating, it only makes sense to uninstall some and reduce the amount of time spent on them. Try not to multitask your phone, always completely closing every background apps once in every few hours. Playing music with your device while the torchlight, Bluetooth, and data are turned on, and perhaps, at the same time browsing the internet will only make things worse. Do one or two at a time. Do not continue using a charger you suspect makes your phone het up during charging.

2. Tecno Phones Runs Slow, Lags Or Hangs

This just another Tecno Phone Problem that needs a solution. When a phone hangs, it is quite different from when it runs slow. In most Tecno phones, when the phone freezes, it remained unresponsive until the battery completely drains or the battery is removed, in the case of removable batteries. On the other hand, if the phone runs slow, you will still be able to operate it. What are the causes of this issue?

Why Does My Tecno Phones Runs Slow, Lags Or Hangs

The major cause of this problem is insufficient storage space, Either the ROM or RAM. The ROM Space is responsible for storing media files such as videos, audio, and images on your device. If the ROM internal storage space of your device is 32gig, for example, this storage space will keep reducing with every media file you store on the phone. The RAM space is meant for apps and games installation and its storage space is usually smaller than the ROM space. The more apps and games you install, the more the RAM space reduces.

As you keep installing apps and games on your device and the RA space is running out, the phone might start malfunctioning. This is also true if you keep downloading or transferring too many media files to the device. Some of the funny behaviors you should expect from the phone under this circumstance are hanging, lagging, and running slow.

When an object such as a phone or a TV remote controller is placed on top of your phone screen for a long period of time, you may likely experience the hanging problem.

My Phone Is Running Slow, What Should I Do?

To prevent your phone from running slow, freezing or lagging, try one or more of the following.

  1. Close all running background apps from the background app tray
  2. Uninstall some games and apps to free up RAM space
  3. Delete some media files from the phone to free up ROM space
  4. Restart the phone after trying out any of the steps above
  5. Avoid placing objects on top of the phone screen

To help you keep your files safe and accessible, store important files in your Google account and delete them from your device. This process is made easy with the default PHOTO app on most android phones.

Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions

NOTE: If the steps above fail to solve the problems, then factory reset the phone as your last option. Usually, factory resetting a phone corrects a whole lot of other issues the phone might have at the cost of losing your media files, contacts stored on your phone memory, games, and apps.


3. Phone Operating Itself

Admittedly, this is rare in most Tecno phones. A user with a phone that has this problem often experience the phone operating itself, sometimes making calls without being noticed. To add to this, some parts of the screen might not respond to touch, making it hard to end a call, make a call, send a text, and perform other tasks with the phone. This automatic action is called ghost touch. But why do ghost touches happen?

This occurs usually and obviously when the phone’s touchpad is cracked, but not in all cases. sometimes, the crack is not that all obvious. It could just be a little crack at the under part of the touchpad that is glued to the main screen. In this case, the touchpad looks good and unbroken but still won’t work properly. What can be done about this?

How To Fix Ghost Touch On Android Phone

  1. Restart the phone and check if the phone touch screen is still pressing itself
  2. Clean the phone touchpad thoroughly with a clean rag
  3. Use an optimization app to clear all junk files from the phone
  4. Restart the phone again
  5. Do a factory reset if the problem is not solved

Restarting the phone in line with the step mentioned above is very necessary. In some phones, the automatic touch problem will start if the phone is used over a long time and becomes hot. restarting it allows it to cool off and refresh.


4. Tecno Phones Battery Drains Fast

This problem really does not happen immediately after purchase and there is nothing unusual about a 2-year-old Tecno phone battery draining fast. They are not made to serve forever. In every battery-powered device, the longer the battery serves, the weaker its power becomes and Tecno phones are not exceptions. The abnormal case is when the battery of a newly purchased Tecno phone drains fast.

Unhealthy use of a phone and frequent charging are the major contributors to this issue. When a phone is multitasked with all the high-end games and apps being operated frequently without allowing the phone a breathing space tecno phones battery draining fast will be the next story to tell.

A popular way of solving this problem is purchasing a new battery, but this is not a reliable option as batteries purchased in the phone shops are hardly as strong as the original that comes with the phone. What can you do?

How Do You Fix A Tecno Phone Battery That Drains So Very Fast

  1. Don’t overuse the phone
  2. Reduce the brightness of the screen
  3. Reduce the screen sleep time in settings >> Display >> Sleep
  4. Spend less time on apps and games that consume battery
  5. Don’t charge at every opportunity
  6. Turn off Bluetooth, wifi, data, and flashlight off when not in use
  7. Get a battery managing app
  8. Disable Notifications that are not important


5.  The Phone Won’t Turn On

Tecno Android Phone Won't Turn On

If the phone won’t turn on, it could be the fault of the battery. The battery might be completely bad and unusable or undercharged. if this is the reason why the phone seems dead, it will never turn on if nothing is done about it. The power key is another cause of this issue. It might seem good and even click as normal when it is pressed but may still be the reason for this issue. Usually, when it gets in contact with water, it gets rust. The corrosion caused by the water prevents the power key from turning the phone on.

How To Fix Dead Phone Problem

  1. Remove and reinsert the battery and then try and notice if any difference
  2. Connect a charger and allow the phone to charge for 10 minutes. When a battery goes undercharged, it takes some time to boost up. If you are unsure if the charger and cable are in good working condition, have it changed. Also, make sure that the phone’s charging port is working
  3. Replace the battery after attempting the 2 steps above to be sure it is not a battery problem
  4. Press the power key a little harder

This is as far as you can go. Contact a phone technician for further assistance. However, it is wise to protect your phone from getting contact with water as it can completely damage a phone – dead phone solution.


6. Tecno Phone Android Charges Slow

Almost every user out there will turn to a new charger to have this problem solved. But what if the problem just won’t go away after trying many different chargers? Well, you are not helpless. Try these suggestions

  • Remove and reinsert the battery if the battery is removable
  • Not Insert a charger and observe
  • Turn the phone off and insert the charger to observe
  • Check if the charging port of the phone is working properly.

Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions

If we should pay thorough and complete attention to each and every issue Tecno phone develop, then this page might just not be enough to hold all the information. It is my sincere hope that you find the solution to the issue you now have with your Tecno phone. You may want to check my other posts on Tecno Phones Problems And Solutions