Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair

Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair

MP3 Repair


Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair

Is your Bluetooth speaker charging port damaged and you are finding it hard to have it charged so you can make use of it? Obviously so. That is the one reason why you are here on this page right now. Fortunately, though, you will find a solution to this problem of how to charge a Bluetooth speaker with a broken charging port. I will try to keep this easy so that you and everyone reading this guide can apply it without feeling that the process is complicated – Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair.

  • How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker With A Broken Charging Port
  • MP3 Charging Ways And Repair Solution
  • Bluetooth Speaker Charging Jumper Solution
  • Bluetooth Speaker Charging Ways

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How To Charge A Bluetooth Speaker With A Broken Charging Port

For the average users of Bluetooth speaker, the battery of the Bluetooth can be charged with a universal (desktop) charger. Some of the batteries are inbuilt for some Bluetooth speaker while others are attached to the speaker from the rear and can be removed. Wherever the battery is located, you need a star-mouth screwdriver to get it out in order to charge it manually. Before we get started take a look at this.

Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair
Charging the battery of a Bluetooth speaker manually.



  1. Unscrew the battery compartment cover. (If the battery is inbuilt, then you will have to open the device by removing all the screws)
  2. Remove batteries from the battery compartment.
  3. Make a charging connection Similar to the one in the picture above.
  4. Replace batteries after charge

Note: Use tape to hold wires with the battery terminals firmly.

Charging the batteries of a Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge this way less convenient and time-consuming as universal chargers usually charge batteries slower than the average USB charger. A little more convenient way to have your Bluetooth speaker charged without consuming much of your time is by charging the battery with another same speaker that has a working charging port.


MP3 Charging Ways

This Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair guide is meant for only a repair technician. Do not try this is you have not received appropriate training on repairs. Let’s consider a similar picture like the one above. This time, a little modification has been done to it.

The principle of fixing a charging port on Bluetooth speakers is exactly the same as those of mobile phones, only that Bluetooth Speaker Charging Port Repair is easier. Generally, If you are a technician and are able to replace a mobile phone charging port, then this should be easy for you. Please refer to the guide in the link below for further information.

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The Improvised Method –  Bluetooth Speaker Charging Ways

For some odd reasons, you may decide not to fix the charging port or manually charge your Bluetooth speaker batteries with the simplified method specified above. In some of the charging ports we replaced, we found that the charging port pulls off the panel of the speaker a few days after the replacement. More on this is discussed in this post Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution.

Often though, the battery may not be as strong as it was when you purchased it. After spending a ridiculous amount of time manually charging the battery, it just might not last long before the battery runs low again. This really is a big inconvenience for a user.

For this reason, an improvised way of enjoying your Bluetooth speaker is buy connecting it with a power bank. A technician connects a cable from the battery positive and negative terminals in the panel and then plug it to a power bank that can then be charger separately from the Bluetooth speaker.

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