In truth, the Itel 5606 is my favorite Itel keypad phone so far. It has a strong battery that can last for over 3 days, a beautiful design, and a powerful torchlight that seem brighter than the others of its kind – Itel 5606 Dead Solution


In this post, Itel 5606 Dead Solution, I will carefully consider some situations that render the phone dead and unusable and then with the help of its real pictures explain how to revive it. If you have a dead Itel 5606 that won’t turn on, this is your big day.

Itel 5606 Won’t Turn On

The main cause of this problem if water. Whether it drops on water or it accumulates sweat while in your pocket on a sunny day, it will eventually stop working someday. water is corrosive and sweat is even more corrosive. When water manages to find its way inside the phone panel, it might connect two components that are not meant to be connected. This can make the phone unresponsive.

Itel 5606 Dead Solution
corrosive effect of water in the red circled part of the panel.

Another reason why your phone might not turn on is the power key. If it gets rust, it will not power the phone on. It simply has to be fixed. I have no intention of wasting your time, SoI will go straight to the main issue of Itel 5606 Dead Solution.

Itel 5606 Dead Solution

  1. First thing first, Make sure the battery is fully charged. Sometimes, you just feel that the battery is charged when it really is not. Get another battery if possible.
  2. If you are not a phone technician, then keep the phone in a hot place to dry out possible water from the inside. Placing it in a microwave, or under the sun are good options. After this, power it on.
  3. Clean the power key. Ensure that every dirt is eliminated. Try turning it on.
  4. The phone should be properly cleaned up with, perhaps, with a brush and methylated spirit and then dried up. It is time to try again.
Itel 5606 Won't Turn On
The power key circled in red. It should be clean and free from dirt.

This dead phone issue is not limited to this phone. The suggestions here are general for all most devices and it should work out fine. You should also realize that other situations such as a faulty battery terminal can leave the phone unresponsive. Fortunately, this is rare.

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to get in touch using the comment section below.