Most people are talking about Zealot Bluetooth speakers and their amazing sound quality. It is not just about the product, the vibe and design actually got music lovers’ attention. Maybe you have listened to a song played through the zealot music player before and you probably wondered, what is Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices?

Its Is Not Just About The Design, Look Deeper, Feel The Vibes

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices
Zealot S7

ZEALOT S7 4 Units HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 10000mAh Touch Control TF Card Heavy Bass Speaker. As of the time of this writing this post, I consider this model as the no.1 for the Zealot Bluetooth speakers. This rating is based on the design, the touch key control, the battery capacity, and the flash/SD card functions.

Worth considering too is the heavy bass speaker sound. If you have been looking to purchase a Bluetooth speaker with great bass audio quality, you may not want to let the S7 pass you by. The T&G137 also got this fine feature in you are interested in T&G products.
Zealot S1

I like to call the Zealot S1 the bicycle companion. This time, t is not just the sounds that make it all amazing. It can be fixed into the handle of a bicycle so you can listen to really good music. It also has a torch as seen in the picture above so you can ride at night.

Sound quality is not as great as the S7 above, but you can still enjoy a fine classical sound when riding or at home. What is next?

Zealot S8 3D HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker With Touch Control & Powerbank Function. The price of the S8 is Just #7500 Only.

One reason why this model is unique is that it serves as a power bank for charging other devices. So, if you playing audio with your mobile phone and connects it with the S8 Through Bluetooth, you can charge the phone with the speaker if the phone is running low on battery.

Aside from battery capacity, it also comes with a case that one can suspend it with.

ZEALOT S23 Multifunctional Clock Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Built-in Microphone, Support Bluetooth Call. It comes with great color and design.

Zealot S27 Super Bass Bluetooth Speaker

ZEALOT S12 Bluetooth Speaker Tough Control Mini Wireless Speakers Home Theater