T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

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The Generic Audio wireless Bluetooth speakers maker T&G has made a great impact in making Bluetooth speakers. Believed to be a Chinese product, they have successfully designed varieties of speakers with distinct designs, sizes, and audio quality. What is more? T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria


Frankly, these Bluetooth speakers have amazing qualities that make them appeal to users. For one thing, the audio quality is great. Listening to audio, either through FM mode, or music mode, the sound appears to be better than most other MP3 Bluetooth speakers of the same rank and price. If you ever wonder some of the standout features of the T&G Bluetooth speakers, check the list below.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Audio base like the home theater system
  • Good Batteries
  • Strong Charging port that doesn’t easily pulls off like most other speakers.
  • Provision for Aux input mode, FM mode, Sd card mode, and Flash drive music mode.

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

Below, are some Bluetooth speakers and their estimated prices. Notice that price varies from one location to another and there might be slight price variation in online shops too. But in conclusion, these speakers are affordable.


T&G 137 Price

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria
T&G 137 #8,000

Features Of The T&G Bluetooth Speakers

Audio quality is worth mentioning. T&G offers speakers with unbelievable bass and classical sounds. When playing an original song, the sound output can be so amazing especially with the T&G 137 shown above. The volume, when increased to the highest, is surprisingly high as well.

FM Radio Is just one more feature of T&G products that make them worth considering. When you are tired of listening to the same music you keep playing using the Bluetooth function, you can choose to listen to cool music, news, and programs using the FM mode. The good news is, channels are easily searched for and saved and no antenna is required to make channel searches. What else?

T&G 137 Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria.

T&G 168 #6000

Flashing Led Light. Limited to just the T&G 168, the led lights are amazing and thrilling flashes that are displayed at the top round transparent plastic part of the speaker. It has different led colors such as red and blue. Using the led along with the speaker weakens the battery faster.

Battery strength. It is common for mobile phone makers to brag about battery capacity for a newly designed phone and in the end turned to a different story. This is not so with the T&G wireless speakers. Their batteries are actually strong enough to play good music at a reasonably high volume for a very long time.


T&G 126 Price In Nigeria

T&G 126 #5,500

AUX input mode is another way of playing audio with the T&G speakers in case you don’t have a Bluetooth audio source. The audio quality still remains intact with this music mode. TVs, DVDs mobile phones and mini MP3 players can be connected to the T&G player with this mode.

Flash And SD card mode. In this mode, there are two options. Either you connect a flash drive containing your audio or you insert an SD card for the speaker to read its music and play them. Again audion quality still remains intact and volume still reasonably high enough.

T&G101 Speaker



T&G101 Speaker #3500

Affordability, Availability And Design. Known for its elegant design, the T&G101 has great sound quality, good battery capacity and super affordable. It is available in most online shops and markets across Nigeria.


T&G162 Bluetooth Speaker


T&G162 Bluetooth Speaker
T&G162 Speaker #2,000

Best Zealot Bluetooth Speakers And Their Prices

T&G126 Bluetooth Speaker

T&G126 Bluetooth Speaker
T&G126 Speaker #4000

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria as of now should range between #2,500 for the smaller speakers to #9500 For the bigger ones. See the image tags for each image above for a price- T&G Bluetooth Speaker Price In Nigeria

How Much Is T&G Bluetooth Speakers In Nigeria

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