There is no way one will talk about the problems of the S4 without mentioning is wonderful features which attract lots of users and commands the attention of a whole lot of people to Infinix mobile. Apart from the sleeky top-notch design with a variety of colors to pick from, the Infinx S4 comes with a 3GIG RAM for one variant and 6GIG RAM for another. What this means will be explained shortly as I consider Infinix S4 Over Heating Problem And Solution.

Alright, enough of singing the praise of this phone. To make things interesting, I will briefly mention why the Infinx S4 sometimes overheat and then explain how to prevent it. Finally, I will explain the effect of overheating on the phone itself. Without wasting much of your time, I now dive into the first consideration.

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Infinix S4 Over Heating Problem And Solution

Why Does The Infinix S4 Over-heat?

In the first paragraph of this post, I mention one key feature of the S4, the 3GIG and 6GIG RAM variants. This exciting feature, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the phone if not checked. How?

3GIG OR 6GIG RAM for games and apps is a huge installation space. Unlike phones with just 1GIG RAM that allows the installation of a few games and apps, you get install times 3 or times 6 games and apps of what such phones can install on your S4. Mathematically, Infinix S4 = more games and apps.

How does this matter? Here is the catch. Since you have more apps and games installation space plus cheap data, you keep installing whatever you can, including high-end games and apps which I love to call heavy apps. Some of these installations are very much, pretty much unnecessary, but you have space and you have the time.

Due to the multitasking and processing capacity of the phone, the S4 starts warming up. It doesn’t stop there, you keep operating, jumping from one app to another stressing the battery. In the end, it becomes too hot. The solution?

How To Prevent Over Heating In Infinix S4

How To Prevent Over Heating In Infinix S4

From the explanation above, it doesn’t look like the solution is difficult, does it? No, not at all. The Infinx S4 Is a regular phone like every other device out there and should not be misused by installing overly unnecessary apps and games. When watching a movie with your device, lower the screen brightness, reduce the volume and ensure that torchlight is turned off. Just don’t multitask.

The issue of overheating does not just end with your phone warming up abnormally. There is more. consider the below.

The Effect Of Over Heating

Normally, overheating is evidence of the overuse of the device. This does not only drain the battery fast but also weakens its ability to last longer even when not being overused.

Apart from draining the battery fast, the heat from the device causes discomfort to the user when the phone is placed in the pocket just after usage. There is more. If you continue to allow your Infinix S4 overheat, your phone stands the chance of auto shutting down often and someday will never turn on.

Infinix S4 Over Heating Problem And Solution

Over the past few months, since the S4 was released, there have been some complaints about overheating and auto restarting of the phone. In some cases, it is a manufacturer error for which the device may be replaced. In other cases, it is the result of the unhealthy use of the phone.

The fact still remains, The Infinix S4 Is a tunning device with great quality.