Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

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Looking to buy a wireless Bluetooth music player in Nigeria? In this post, I will mention the average cost of a modest Bluetooth player, the cost of some specific models, what to watch out for before making a purchase and then where to obtain it at a reasonable price – Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria.

Where to buy a bluetooth speaker in Nigeria

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What To Watch Out For

I know we are talking about the price of the device here and not how to buy it. However, it is important to know some features of this device in order not to buy one of less quality and latter regret it. So here we go.

  1. The battery. Make sure the battery is strong enough to sustain the player for more than a few hours. There is no need for purchasing one that has a battery that only last 1 or 2 hours at best.
  2. FM Radio. If the player supports FM radio, you will be sure to listen to cool music even when the Bluetooth connecting device (your phone) is down.
  3. SD Card Reader. It is best to acquire one that supports memory card. Not all Bluetooth players support this function.
  4. Sound Quality. Of all the things to watch out for, this is my favorite. I like it when a Bluetooth player has bass and plays smoothly.

With this knowledge in place, let’s get down to our main topic of the day, Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria.

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

With different sizes, designs, and quality, it is difficult to cap on the average cost of a Bluetooth player at a specific amount in Nigeria. In Range, it should be between #1500 – #7000. Usually, the bigger the size the better the sound quality and the cost.

Bluetooth Speakers Price In Nigeria

Western wireless Bluetooth Speaker has reasonable sound quality, supports SD card and has a strong rechargeable inbuilt battery. Sold For #7000

T&G Music Player. It has supper amazing sound quality. With Much bass like that of a woofer. The battery is strong and the device is well designed. The cost is #8000

How Much Is MP3 Bluetooth Speaker In Nigeria

UBL The Loud One. Great audio sound with FM radio and SD Card support. The price at the local store is #3500.

Where To Buy Bluetooth Speakers In Nigeria

Jumia and Konga are major sellers that may even deliver the device at your doorstep. But the a little more expensive online. To make a fast and convenient purchase, walk into any electronic shop that sells these devices and make your negotiation.

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