Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution

MP3 Repair

MP3 players are great for music with interesting sounds. Because they use the same charging system like mobile phones, their charging system fails and needs replacement -How To Fix MP3 Player Charging Problem

How To Fix MP3 Player Charging Problem
Mp3 Bluetooth charging positive and negative connections.

Mp3 Player Not Charging

The image above indicates the negative charging way as GND (White wire) while and the positive as VCHRG (Red wire). Usually, when fixing the charging port, a USB cable is soldered directly from the mp3 circuit board, since the Charging ports in MP3 are not really strong and may pull off the circuit board even after replacement. See the picture below.

Mp3 Player Not Charging
USB cable in white connected directed into the circuit board.

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8 thoughts on “Mp3 Player Not Charging – Solution

    1. Hi Godwin. The problem is still from the charging port. One or two of the charging port legs might have lost connection with the board. Sometimes, resoldering the charging port solves the problem. Let me know

    1. Could it be that you connected the cables wrongly. Is your soldering neat? Are you sure the cable is working? You might have to change the cable and solder again.

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