The all-new Tecno spark 4 looks so amazing, stunning Tecno lovers with its water drop near edge screen. The design, style, and the feel are what got most people talking about this phone. what about you, what got you attached? Tecno Spark 4 Problems and Solutions will be considered in this post.

The reason you are here on this page is either because you already have a problem with your spark 4 or you need information about this device that will enable make a purchase decision. Whatever the reason is, this post got you covered.

Tecno Spark 4 Problems and Solutions

Tecno Spark 4 Problems and Solutions

Straight to the point, I will mention some of the main issues with this device and then provide a real solution. Note that some of the issues considered here are common to other phones and also share the same way of resolving them.

  • Tecno Spark 4 Battery Drains Fast
  • Tecno Spark 4 Charging Problem
  • Tecno Spark 4 Slow And Hanging problem
  • Update problem

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Tecno Spark 4 Battery Drains Fast

This issue is common with most other phones and models. After using your phone for a long time, the battery strength begins to reduce. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Batteries are not made to serve forever.

However, when the battery of a few months old spark 4 last less than a few hours, then it is abnormal and should be a cause of concern. You may wonder why this is so. I will tell you the reason and solution because you are my friend.

High-end games and apps, multitasking and fash lights are all enemies to battery health. You can’t have your phone torchlight turned on, have a music player running, play a football game and have over 10 background apps running and you expect the battery to last.

Uninstall unnecessary apps. Stop multitasking. Don’t operate when the phone is charging. End all background apps when not needed. These are some ways you can save your battery life.

Spark 4 Charging Problem

When the phone won’t charge after attempting different chargers, likely, your phone is having charging problem. It could be that the charging port in the phone is bad and needs replacement or the flex connecting the charging panel where the charging port is located to the main panel is bad.

Charging problem and solution is general for all devices with the exception of improvised charging panel. Let a capable technician have the charging port replaced for you. If you are not convinced that the problem is from the charging port, them try the following.

  1. Change the charger
  2. Change the USB cable
  3. Try changing with a computer
  4. Make sure the power source is working.

Slow And Hanging problem

The spark 4 is powered by 2GIG RAM. This provides that the amount of space allowed for games and apps is 2gig. Once your phone apps storage is almost filled up, you can expect your phone to slow down or even get stuck. What is the solution?

Simple! uninstall high-end games and apps. It might also help to delete unnecessary pictures, videos, and audios from the phone.

Update problem

There has not been any updating issue with this device so far.