8 thoughts on “Tecno K7 Charging Solution – Jumper Way

    1. Hello mwakaje. If I get you right, you meant to say that the phone light is always on even when the phone is switched off. If this is correct, then it is likely that the phone got in contact with water or had been wrongly repaired. Try dry out any possible water from the phone by keeping the phone in a hot place, perhaps under the sun, for some time.

    2. My Tecno pop2 B1p phone IS CHARGING but it is not coming on.
      No current going to the switch. I used a meter and sign of power.

      1. Is the power key connected to the phone board through a flex cable? I have not had the the chance to disassemble that phone. Whatever the case, you may need to make a jumper connection, that is, connect a tiny cable from that board to the power key.

  1. pls my tecno k7 is very dull in charging i have already change the charging port its till de same what shall i do

    1. You meant to say that your k7 charges slow. It could be that you have not tried an original fast charger. It should charge fast. Otherwise, change the charging port.

  2. I have a tecno k7
    If plug on charger will display charging but after few seconds will disconnect charging.

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